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Playing vs. opponents starting SP as RP (1 Viewer)

Tiger Fan

5x5 h2h, start 5 SP 4RPMy opponent is starting Phelps and Iwakuma in the RP slots, giving him 3 extra starts for the week. His other 2 RPs are Reed and Rivera.I've got 4 closers (Frieri, Putz, Perez, Boggs) and 2 SP who I can plug into RP slots (Maurer & Medlen). Right now, Im thinking I do the following:SP - Hudson, Cain, burnett, Grienke, MedlenRP - Frieri, Putz, Boggs, MaurerThis puts me at 9 starts and 3 closers vs my opponent:SP - Peavy, Vogelson, CJWilson, Felix H, HamelsRP - Reed, Rivera, Phelps, Iwakumathoughts?

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