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Playoff D/ST strategy (1 Viewer)


Hi all.  Thanks to this site I am looking good to make the playoffs sitting at 8-1.  Right now I am riding a defense every week since I don't need to win more in the regular season.  I have the Bears D.  Issue I have it our playoffs are weeks 14-17.  Bears opponents are LAR, GB, @SF, @Min.  I really don't like facing LAR and GB down the stretch when home field and playoff spots in the NFL are up for grabs.  Sooooooo, I am actually thinking I can afford to allocate a bench spot to a streaming D for these two weeks.  Here are the options I have (assuming I am not bumped and since I claim last very possible).  I am listing them based on position rank in ESPN and showing weeks 14-15 opponents.  And I'm not listing all of them since I can not imagine wanting some teams regardless of matchup:

Seattle - Min, @SF

Patriots - @Mia, @Pit

Bills - NYJ, DET

Bengals - @LAC, Oak

Lions - @Ari, @Buf

49ers - Den, Sea

Giants - @Was, Ten

Bears (I have) - LAR, GB

Any thoughts welcomed.


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