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Playoff Defense (1 Viewer)


Open debate for under owned defenses that will stream well for the playoffs. Titans are on the top of my list until week 16 and 17, but I feel like we would all benefit from collaborating opinions. Thoughts?

Hi.  Good idea for discussion.    I am currently streaming the Bears the rest of the regular season.  At 9-1 I don't worry about the last 3 weeks.  And I like the Bears into the playoffs excepting week 14 against LAR.  

I'll be looking for a streamer this week to stash until week 14.  Titans are owned in my league so I will be checking alternatives.  For week 14 I am considering:

Broncos @SF

Lions @Ari

Patriots @Mia

Seahawks vs MIN

Saints @TB

I have Chicago but Im afraid to roll them out against the rams in week 14. so I was looking at NE vs Mia. I think with the Pats a little bit behind KC and tight with Pitt I think that game will be of importance to them where Mia may have packed it in. they should at least get 10 fpts in that game making them a safe play. if I think the team im playing in 1st round of playoffs is better than me and I need a homerun then I play Chicago anyway and hope they are bulletproof. tell me what you think?

I am in the same boat as you Zeke.  Except I probably have the better team.  So I'm looking for a safe play for week 14 and then roll the Bears in.


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