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playoff draft help- please (1 Viewer)


I am posting this here cuz there is lots more activity then the other forums and it is an interesting question/ problem (at least I think so). It has to do with my leagues playoffs and my draft:for the league in my sig we do our playoffs during the real playoffs- we have an expanded roster and it is in cumulative points style- once an NFL team is eliminated from the playoffs so are your players and the ability to score more points.The rosters are 3 QB's 4 RB's 5 WR's 2 K 2 D/STI am keeping from my regualr season roster the following players:PlummerAlexanderT.JonesM. AndersonM. HarrisonR. SmithS. MossFeelyElamColtsOf the available players (too many to list) I will have the many options with the third pick in the draft. Right now I feel it comes down to either Dillon or Portis (I know Edge & Brady will be gone already from talking with the teams that go ahead of me). Eli Manning, Darrell Jax, Burress, Galloway, and Deshaun Foster would be otherplayers available too. There are more players but not at the top tier to take with my first pick.Assuming that RB's are still the most valuable and I can get one of the top tier ones to round out my squad........Who is going to have a better playoff and their team makes it the farthest- Dillon or Portis. Do I bank on NE having a good run? Do I gamble with 2 players from the Skins since I have 4 from DEN already? Should I have that many RB's from the NFC on my roster? Do I not draft a RB?Thanks for your help- this is a tuff one for me


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