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The Cure Fantasy Football League has been establised for the NFL Playoffs.

If you would like to play, email Doug a confirmation (skbatmen@aol.com). The groups will be determined as soon as the playoffs are established. Roster must be submitted before the first game.



The league will be run on myfantasyleague.com site. To

visit our league web site, go to our league home page -


- and then click on the "Login" link in the upper right hand

corner of that page, and log in using the password

displayed below.



The Cure FFL will put players into groups including players for the same position. An owner selects the one player from each group that they feel will accumulate the most points throughout the NFL Playoffs. One player per group must be selected. A player wil accumulate points during the games that they play. For example, a player will not be awarded points during a 'bye' game or once they are injured. Once the first game starts, the Roster of players can not be changed. Submit a line-up of players that will have the best playoff statistics. The following groups will be established:

Quarterbacks- 4 groups

Running Backs- 5 groups

Wide Recievers- 5 groups

Kickers- 3 groups

Defensive Teams- 3 groups


Entry Fee- $10

If there are 1-8 owners, the winning owner will recieve 100% of the pot.

If there are 9-15 owners, the winning owner will recieve 75% of the pot and the runner-up will recieve 25%.

If there are 16-24 owners, the winning owner will recieve 60%, runner-up 30%, and third place 10% of the pot.

If there are 25-30 owners, the winning owner will recieve 50%, runner-up 25%, third place 15%, and fourth place 10%.


If two owners have the same score, the tie will be broken by determining the highest scoring player for each group starting with QB1. If the owners are still tied, the tie will be broken by determining the highest scoring player in RB1. The process will continue until the tie is broken. The order inwhich groups will be used are:

QB1- RB1- WR1- QB2- RB2- WR2- QB3- RB3- WR3- DT1- K1- QB4- RB4- WR4- DT2- K2- RB5- WR5- DT3- K3.

If the two teams are still tied, the end result will be a tie. The winnings will be divided fairly between the owners.


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