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Playoff League - $15 League Safe - Multiple Entries encouraged - Set it and forget it (1 Viewer)

Project Mayhem

BASICS: There are 12 NFL teams in the playoffs. Each participant will select one player (and only one player) from each of the 12 NFL playoff teams so that they field a roster of 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 4 WRs, 2 TE, and 1 Defense. Each participant will field their roster of players individually, so duplication is allowed (i.e. Todd Gurley will likely be selected by many of the participants as their Rams player). 

Fantasy points are scored in a Performance PPR format. So TE premium of 1.5 PPR. 1 point for RBs and WRs.


As NFL teams are eliminated from the playoffs, players from those NFL teams will obviously no longer accrue points for your fantasy team, but it is important to note that all participants will always have the same number of active fantasy players left on their roster at the beginning of each round of the playoffs.

ENTRY: The entry fee is $15. We use LeagueSafe for payments.


Once I see your payment on League Safe, I'll set up your franchise on MFL and send you an invite. If you played in this league last year, you may already have a franchise setup.

Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged and feel free to tell others about the contest.

PAYOUTS: The winner will receive 65% of the total pot, the runner-up gets  25% and third place gets 10%. 



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