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playoff league started...$20 (1 Viewer)


hey guys .

i'm doing a playoff/superbowl league like i had in 2006. cost $20.......will start week 18 thru the superbowl.


you get 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1te 1 k and 1 def

you use a player one time and you can't use him again.

the most points after 4 weeks [superbowl] wins !

i'll pay 3 places if i get 10 or more. ask your friends and enemies....everyone is welcome.

send a check ---email for address.....

same scoring as no trade leagues....



these are league i commish ---also i need people for my waiting list !!!!!!

.....line ups must be in at kick off of the first game !!!!!

no REFUNDS !!!!!! period ......read the rules and scoring on the site and know MFL software.....

i must have CASH in hand to give you a password !!! my policy since the beginning of time !!!!!![ if you know me ----you know that's true.....cash in my hand only ....no IOU's .....that's what makes my leagues the best.] WILL PAYOUT AFTER THE SUPERBOWL........

once i get all the checks in---after jan 2-----i'll cash 'em ........please join !!!!! email me at vapoteat@yahoo.com with any questions.......cya Po

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