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Coin Flip

We have 2 openings due to 2 guys not paying by the pymt deadline date.

Let me know if your interested.

Football Madness NFL Playoff Rules


League Size: 20

Scoring: See bylaws/scoring setup under (reports...rules....scoring) 1 PPR

Roster Size: 17 players

Paypal A MUST FOR PYMT NOW as snail mail will not arrive in time.

Fee: $50.00 ($50 x 20 teams = $1000.00) I do not believe there are any MFL fees for playoff games


1st $400 2nd $225 3rd $125 4th $50

Each Division winner $50.00 payout

If there turns out to be a MFL fee the payouts for 2nd and 3rd place would be adjusted slightly

Starting rosters will be 8 players







Tiebreaker at end of season for divisional payouts as well as 1st-4th place will be highest starting roster in week 1 of the playoffs. If that does not break the tie breaker then the money will be split 1/2 and 1/2 for each player in the divisional standings race (ie. $25 to each player). If the tiebreaker does not break the tie for 1st place----then 1st payout ($400) + 2nd place payout ($225) are added together and divided in 2 for the teams to share. This would be the same for the other spots if needed also. Using our decimal scoring system this should not be an issue, but we need a tiebreaker in place regardless.

Each team will email CoinFlip (tdgruse@yahoo.com) his 17 team roster no later than 24 hrs before the start of the first NFL Playoff game. Commish will then load all rosters so they appear at the same time. I will email my roster to another team member or a Fever member who is not participating in the league no later than 48 hrs prior to gametime. I do not feel there would be any advantage in me seeing rosters prior to receiving your rosters, but I am trying to make every effort to decrease any speculation of this occurring.

No Trades

No Waivers

Each team will use the 17 players to fill their 8 player rosters weekly for the entire duration of the NFL Playoffs. If your player is on bye or his team loses of course you will no longer earn points for him.

Partial lineups are allowed as it is obvious that every player is not useable for the 4 weeks of playoffs.

Good luck all.



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