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playoff pay for NFL players (1 Viewer)

I believe it's 75k, whatever Taylor was fined
I believe he was fined $17K. I can't remember but I heard last year some numbers, but don't remember. I believe it goes up each round, but considering what they make during the season, its not much. I remember being surprised at how low it was.As far as caring - I dont, the worst paid player in the league makes more money sitting the bench than I would in 10 years, so I could care less. I would like to see teams take all profits made from the playoffs and donate that money to their community as a way of saying thanks for supporting us all year, since its all bonus money anyway (not projected in the yearly estimates). It should be a honor to get into the playoffs and what a great way for teams to show their towns they care about them, not just the profits. That's why Pgh loves the Rooney's; the best owners in professional sports. Truely a class act family run operation, and it shows.

Gamechecks for the playoffs:

First round money:

Wild Card Team: $17,000

Division Winner: $19,000

Second round:

$19,000 win or lose

Third round:

$37,000 win or lose

Super Bowl:

Loser: $37,000

Winner: $73,000



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