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Playoff Player Rankings - draft tonight @8 (1 Viewer)

bmcdonal6674 said:
Any idea where I can find a ranking sheet for a playoff draft tonight?
Good luck, that's a very quick turn.Pick players on teams you think will play at least 2 games first - but this playoff looks to be WIDE open.
FWIW, here's my take on the math for expected number of games:

BAL 2.1

INDY 2.0

PIT 1.9

TEN 1.8

SD 1.7

MIA 1.5

PHI 2.0

ATL 1.9

CAR 1.9

NYG 1.8

MIN 1.7

ATL 1.7

FWIW, here's my take on the math for expected number of games:BAL 2.1INDY 2.0PIT 1.9TEN 1.8SD 1.7MIA 1.5PHI 2.0ATL 1.9CAR 1.9NYG 1.8MIN 1.7AZ 1.7
Please elaborate as to who you think will win the games??? And you have ATL listed twice...missing AZ
Fixed. AZ 1.7, ATL 1.9.This is based not on winners but likelihood of winning.For example, I think Pittsburgh beats Baltimore at home about 55% of the time.If Clayton doesn't post my predictions (I like Philly a bit, but I'm biased) then I'll share them here.
I'm targeting wild card teams in the AFC (Colts and Ravens), and bye teams in the NFC. The NFC wildcard games seem really tough to pick, but I see the Giants and Panthers meeting in the NFC championship game. I also get a vibe that both the Colts and Ravens have a decent shot at meeting in the AFC championship game.

The bottom line is you can't over think playoffs leagues. They're mostly about luck, and you just have to hope you pick the right teams.

Captain Hook said:
Blood Hound said:
Any word on who will be the primary ball carrier for the Cards, Edge or Hightower?
It is Edgerrin James
Not to hijack, but I've got the last RB slot to fill in the league and I have basically Edge and McGahee to choose from. I'm leaning towards Edge based on week 17. Thoughts?
Our Playoff league was set up a little different in that Total Points only mattered and each roster must have at least 1 player from each NFL Playoff team. Teams can select any player (players can be on multiple teams). Scoring was the same as our regular season.

Roster Requirements: 2 QB, 4 RB, 5 WR, 2 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 2 PK, 2 Def

Gridiron Playoff League Roster

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