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Playoff Pool Format (1 Viewer)


In lieu of using fantasy players in the playoffs, does anyone have any other sugestions on how to run the most interesting playoff pool using teams and spreads.Thanks in advance.

I do one for NCAA Basketball where everyone draws a team out of a hat.Select an odds source and let that be the official one for the entire playoffs.Whoever owns the team that covers, moves on. If a team loses but still covers, you just inherit the winning team from whoever had it and move on.Ex. Pitt is -2.5 vs. Bengals. If Pitt wins by 1 or 2, the Bengals owner would inherit Pitt and move on.You also have to make provisions for ties against the spread (I usually do it by whomever has had their particular team the longest and if it's still a tie, whoever has the underdog).This probably works better for the NCAA basketball tourney though since there are no byes.


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