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Playoff Seeding Idea (1 Viewer)


Looking at the AFC West, in particuar this season, one of the league's best teams will have to enter the playoffs as a Wild Card, which isn't remotely uncommon. It would be interesting to mix up the playoff bracket as follows...

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top seeded first round team in each conference gets to choose which opponent they get to face in the first round, of the three remaing teams. The other two teams would play each other, with home field going to the higher seed.

After the first round is set, the #1 seed in each conference gets to name their first opponent, beit the (yet undecided) winner of one of the first round matuchups of their choosing, or the #2 team.

The whole idea of seeding is to balance the bracket in favor of the best regular season teams, I think it would be fun if they could pick their poison going in and call out by name the team they expect to beat. Would make upsets so much sweeter.

Would you like to see it?

Love the idea of incorporating a "pick your poison" approach to playoff seeding/matchups... in fantasy football.

Not so sure the idea is as practical in the actual NFL due to the number of parties with something at stake (i.e. owners, coaches, sponsors, stadiums, networks, etc.).

Can easily envision scenarios where teams can't internally agree on which opponent would be the best matchup for them.

As for fantasy, it's a great concept because it discourages teams from tanking in Weeks 12-13 to improve their matchups.

I'm effectively sentencing my 9-2 team to a terrible Week 14 matchup by fielding any kind of lineup this week. Will likely result in me missing the money and a quick playoff exit.

its defintely an interesting idea.

I'd like to see just reseeding based on record.

a 13-3 chiefs or broncos shouldnt have to go on the road and play the 9-7 bengals.

it happened with the steelers a few years ago at 12-4 traveling to a 8-8 broncos.

or the saints having to go to a 7-9 seattle.

Don't like the OP idea.

Like the idea of seeding according to record. I say, the two best division winners get the byes, and then seed the other four teams according to records. Crappy division winners, like the aforementioned '10 Seahawks or '11 Broncos, should not be hosting playoff games.


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