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Playoff time...What do you need on Monday night? (1 Viewer)


This should be playoff time for everyone, what do you guys need on monday night to win?

Or, what do you not need someone else to do?

I have two leagues PPR, I am up by 30+ points(in both) and am going against Brian Westbrook in both leagues.

I do have Desean Jackson still playing in one league though.

What do you guys need?


I need Shaun Rogers to get 4 points - his low this year is 6. If he is inactive, I can make a move to swap him out.


I need McNabb to play the game of his life - I think 4 TD's & 300 yards will do it. I really needed to make better start decisions - it's tough with one backup at each position and you'd have to cut studs who could be used against you next week.

I need Westbrook to have his best game of the year.
:rolleyes: I need him to have a game like a few weeks ago plus Akers to be huge...I am down by 50 so am pretty much done unless Westbrook can get 100+, 4 TDs, and Akers to get like 11 points...... :fingerscrossed:
Team #1 in my sig needs McNabb to score 34 or less points.

Team #2 in my sig needs the Eagles DST to score 32 or less points.

I have a great chance to advance to 2 Super Bowls this season :rolleyes:

I need Westbrook to score roughly 30 fantasy points as I am up only by 29pts and my opponent has him. And then I need the Eagles to be up by so much that they run some ridiculous play that would defy all logic, and it needs to involve Westbrook throwing an interception for no reason at all as the seconds tick away for the end of regulation. That way my opponent this week can feel a ridiculous high and than an even lower low.

I need Westbrook to NOT score 46 points or more, to make it to the Super Bowl ...which would be tough, as that's 7 1/2 more points than he got in week 13 vs. ARI.

Good news for all you Westbrook owners...he's going to score you those 46, I guarantee it! That's to punish me for putting Bush in for Pierre at the last minute.

Nothing short of a miracle ... Westy has to virtually get nothing (no TDs, less than 50yds rushing and less than 50yds receiving) and only 3pts from Akers.

Not gonna happen, but I can hope.

With all this Westbrook talk and myself needing him to go off big time anyone know if Buckhalter is gonna play or not. I did see that he had practiced this week.

Down by 27. I need Westbrook and Desean Jackson to go off. Opponent has Akers so I need nothing but touchdowns that way Akers gets no field goals. I think I'm done too! :bag:

Standard Yahoo league, non-PPR, 6 pts all TD's. I'm ahead by 31 and all done. My opponent has Akers and DeSean Jackson. If Kansas City had recovered the S.D. onside kick I'd be about 14 pts richer. I think I got dinged 2 pts for Bowe fumbling there (although not sure he really ever had the ball), and then my opponent has VJAx who gets about 60 yds and a TD on the subsequent drive. :bag:

26 from Westy... 100 yards rushing , 2 td's, 4 receptions 20 yards receiving... it could happen, right :bag: LOL

i am up 19 PTs. my opponent has Westy. Am I in trouble? seems like Westy is boom or bust this year

In one league I need Westbrook to score 15 (no PPR, 1 pt per 10, 6 pts per TD)

In the other league I need DeSean Jackson not to score more than 12.20 (no PPR, 1 pt per 10, 6 pts per TD).

Work today is going to take FOREVER!!! :lmao:

I need a small miracle. Please give me :

Westbrook 120 yds rush 2 TD's 7 receptions for 60 yds 1 TD

Eagles Defense - 6 pts allowed, 1 defensive TD, 4 sacks, 1 int, 1 fumble recovered


Need the Philly Def to score less than 17 points, no left for me, and my opponent has the Philly Def.


Westbrook and Curtis to score 41 total points.

Well, they scored 50 two weeks ago, and 46 last week, so I think I have at least a fighting chance.

Hopefully Dorsey pulls some Miami magic out of his hat and this game turns into a shootout, forcing them to leave Westy in. It could happen, right? Right??

For 3 separate PPR leagues I need:

31 pts from Philly D and Westy

42 pts from Westy and Desean

30 pts from Westy

Will sure be fun tonight...oy

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