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Playoff Weather (1 Viewer)

The General

I know there's some crazy weather across the nation right now. Anything out there that's going to have any factor this weekend?

Any updates/opinions on how the weather could effect passing & kicking in Chi/Dal game tomorrow?

Any windy or Philly situations on the horizon for tomorrow we should be thinking about?

I don't know if any posters even had Philly on their radar last week.

Looks like a pretty clean weekend, lot of dome and southern games. Cleveland and Pitt only ones i see of as of right now with 15mph plus winds predicted. small chance of rain in most of the southern games.

Cleveland matchup has me nervous. Have to start Campbell at QB . 20 mph winds. Other option is Flacco.
I have Jeffrey and Cameron in that matchup; I'm hoping that the winds stay < 20 mph, for sure.
Yeah, I'm rolling out Marshall and Gordon in Cleveland... not too thrilled. I can bench one of them for Vereen (zero PPR for RBs, 1/2 PPR for WRs)... also considering Ogbannaya in a different full PPR league... I hate when I get too cute and outsmart myself with these decisions.

For WEEK 16:


Possible sub-20 cold in a post 3:00 start in GB.

Possible 20's cold and some snow in KC.

Possible 30s and some snow in BUF

"Showers likely" in PHI, with temps in the 40s-50s - uhm, is "showers" worse than just "rain" or better?

"Rain likely" and temps in the 40s-50s in CIN

Possibly some rain in SEA and "showers" (?) in NYJ/NJ, DC, CAR, BAL.

Jags weather should be lovely, looks to be in the 70s and sunny. Good kicker weather.

Anything to stay away from here?

If it snows significantly in Buffalo, could make them a good start vs Miami. Could also downgrade Tannehill and whoever else you may be unfortunate enough to have to start on that offense.


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