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Please Help--Which 2 FA IDPs To Add? (1 Viewer)

I need to drop two offensive players (I intend to drop L.Toefield and D.Givens) and add 2 IDPs to my team in a 12 team Keeper League for this weekend. the guys in this league are pretty knowledgeable, so the pickings are pretty slim on the FA market because many teams keep 8-9 IDPs on their roster at this time of year. I would be most grateful for any thoughts, ideas or suggestions that you might offer.

We start 2 DBs, 2 LB-DL, and 3 IDP Flex players each week. I currently have: G.Wilson, B.Scott, A.Archuleta and K.Wong, J.Vilma, so it doesn't matter which position the IDPs that I add play. Because we get points for return yards (1/15yds), some teams go for DBs who also have return duties, hoping that they will get big points from returns. My preference, though, has been for players who are consistent producers week in and week out.

The best available IDPs, according to my rankings, for me to choose from are (1pt/tackle; .5/assist; 3/sack; 2/INT, FF, FRec; 1/pass def; 1/15 ret yds; 6/TD):

LBs: J.Trotter(@ATL) , E.Hartwell(PHI), O.Thurman(@CLE), L.Tatupu(@JAX)

DBs: T.Davis (NO), M.Boulware(@JAX), S.Knight(NYJ), T.Kiel(DAL)

According to Yahoo's rankings (this is a Yahoo custom league) the best FA IDPs are: DBs--C.Woodson, M.Bowen, G.Baxter, P.Buchanon, T.Kiel, J.Bellamy; LB-DLs---L.Little, C.Claiborne, G.Wistrom, J.Winborn, B.Kassel, T.Polley, A. Ayodele , J.Ulbrich

Normally, I look for players who I can count on to get 7.5-8 pts/game and shy away from IDPs facing spread offenses or players like M.Vick, etc. However, I am leaning towards taking J.Trotter as one of my choices because he did exactly what I am looking for in logging 8 tackles in last year's NFC Chamionship game against ATL. I'm really not sure who else to pick up, though: Hartwell has been hurt and Philly doesn't run much, Thurman and Tatupu are MLBs who have good match-ups against teams likely to run at them, but they are both rookies; so is Davis who also faces a spread offense; Boulware, Knight and Kiel aren't MLBs, but are SSs who figure to get a lot of work facing running teams. With Hurricane Ophelia likely to have an impact on the NO @ CAR game, it is possible that Davis could have a busy day stopping the run.

So, who should I go with? Do I go with a rookie MLB, Davis or a veteran SS?

I would really be most grateful for any suggestions or input that you might be willing to offer. Thanks!

Quick response...Trotter and /or ThurmanThe rest won't do much this week.I might also consider B Kassell or Kiel.2 LB's are prob best...

If you want 2 LBs, definitely pick Trotter and Thurman. If you want 2 DBs, pick Boulware and T. Davis.Of the above listed four, pick Boulware and Thurman. I'm surprised these guys are available in your league.


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