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Please rate this large Dynasty Trade (players and picks on each side) (1 Viewer)

Keith R

The Don
For context, this is a 12-team 1 QB variable PPR league (RB .75 PPR, WR 1 PPR, TE/QB/K 1.5 PPR)

Team A receives

1.01, 4.01, Baker Mayfield, Mark Andrews and Justin Tucker

Team B receives

1.02, 5.02, 6.02, Joe Burrow, Evan Engram and Cairo Santos

The FA QB pool will be shallow.  Guys like Tyler Huntley and Teddy Bridgewater are rostered.  Team A also has Josh Allen and Justin Herbert.



I am squarely on Team A side especially knowing they have Allen/Herbert so the loss of Burrow means nothing to them.  



A,  pretty easily. Obviously huge drop-off between QBs, but nearly just as large a drop-off going the other way for TEs. 

Team A dealing from a position of strength and I like it. 


Keith R

The Don
Thanks, guys.

I always try to make my trades win-win, so hopefully you think Team B was better off for making the trade.  (Spoiler alert, I am Team A)

Team B's QBs were Carr and Mayfield before the trade.  No other QBs since Big Ben retired

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I see this as, effectively, the 1.01 and Mark Andrews for the 1.02 and Joe Burrow.

Pick #37 (4.01) is a blindfolded dart throw. I see that value as very, very thin. The rest of the players are replaceable. Team A should sprint to the accept button.


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