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Plummer gets first Pro Bowl (1 Viewer)


After another major injury to an AFC quarterback, it appears Broncos star Jake Plummer will be headed to his first Pro Bowl. As a result of the knee injury suffered Sunday by Cincinnati star Carson Palmer, Plummer is expected to join quarterbacks Peyton Manning of Indianapolis and Tom Brady of New England in the Pro Bowl in Honolulu on Feb. 12. Palmer was named to the team with Brady and Manning. Plummer was the No. 2 alternate at quarterback in the AFC. However, No. 1 alternate Drew Brees of San Diego suffered a torn labrum while playing against the Broncos on Dec. 31 and had to have surgery. This is Plummer's ninth season in the NFL and third with the Broncos.
Well deserved.
Indeed, the guy lead me to a FF championship after Bulger went down and had an amazing season. Congrats to Plummer. :thumbup:
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I remember at the time of his signing, I thought the Broncos overpaid for Plummer, but was happy they signed him. I was even happy when they overpaid him, because I thought it would prevent them from signing Daryl Gardner, who they were rumored at the time to be after. Too bad that didnt work out.

I just wish people would stop judging what Jake Plummer has done in Denver based on what he did in Arizona. If I hear one more person say "Denver can't win with Jake Plummer", I'm going to tear my hair out in frustration. If you can't win with a pro-bowler, who can you win with?


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