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Points per completion and ppr league advice (1 Viewer)


So my league is almost as far from conventional as possible.
1 ppc
-2 int
1 per 25 passing
1 per 10 rushing and receiving
6 for all TDs
1 per 10 return yards.
Starters: qb rb rb wr wr wr wr/te k dst

With it being ppc the top 13 players in my league last year were Qbs. O yes, its 14 teams. So its pretty deep as well.

I have no idea what pick I am but I'd imagine I'd be able to get Bree's Rodgers p. Manning, Brady (don't know if his numbers will be as high as last years) or another qb close to that in the first round because most of the managers think rb or following yahoo rankings is the end all be all. I'm pretty confident a top five quarterback is the way to go first round.

Second round if like to get someone like Reggie bush because most top 10 rbs will be gone. Obviously I'd pick one up of its available. But because its ppr, I'm looking to get an rb that will get a few more catches than normal. Am I right so far?

Third round gets tricky. I'm not sure if I should get my second running back or wait till later and start building my wrs up. I'd love it for a Randall cobb in the third if he makes it that far. But I'm stumped at where I should go from here.

Another concern, players that were on special teams last year did phenomenal. Randall Cobb (has been said to be on special teams at this point in time), sproles, and David Wilson.
I think sproles may be good to grab in the third or forth as my second rb.

Please share your opinions. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.


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