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Poll: Best redraft TE option (1 Viewer)

Which undrafted TE will have the best ppr season

  • Fasano

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  • Carlson

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  • Rosario

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  • Scaife

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A lot of us waited on TEs until late in the draft and might have grabbed guys who are sucking right now like Zach Miller. Meanwhile undrafted TEs are putting up nice games. Which of these guys should teams in need of a TE go after?

Fasano: Great week one. Terrible week 2. Penington should be looking for a TE often. The Dolphins have no real WR threats.

Carlson: He is the 8th TE in PPR right now (Witten is still playing). Will he keep it up when Seattle gets their WRs back?

Rosario: Was week 1 a fluke? Looks like a maybe, plus Steve Smith is coming back.

Scaife: he is in the Fasano and Rosario club of monster week 1's. I'm sure a lot of people picked these guys up and started them with regret in week 2.

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Bumping this poll because it does not mention DeSean Jackson. :thumbdown:

Seriously, I voted Carlson. I know he is a rookie TE and you can throw out tons of data telling me he is only going to catch 40 balls max., but every once in a while there is the exception that proves the rule, and the perfect storm of WR triage that is Seattle might just be it.

Certainly in PPR he should be a consistent 8-12 ppg guy, which is all you can ask for.


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