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Pool 33 - Easy To Play and Win (1 Viewer)


Pool 33 is so simple, its scary.

Prior to the beginning of the Regular Season a different NFL Team is randomly assigned to you for each Week of the Season , (possibly have a Bye Week), and should the Team you have for the Week scores exactly 33 Points you win the amount in the Progressive Jackpot which is increased $33 each week when there is no winner.

Yep, that right. There's no draft, there's no Player Moves and your involvement is almost nill.

There are two things you have to do (prior to the start)

  • Choose a funny or unusual Player's Name for your moniker and
  • Pay a $20 Entry Fee ($18.50 if you take advantage of the "Early Bird Discount").

So far twelve NFL Player names have been claimed (FCFS):

  • I.M. Hipp
  • Lucious Pusey
  • Goose Gonsoulin
  • Fair Hooker
  • John David Booty
  • Lofa Tatupu
  • Icky Woods
  • Captain Munnerlyn
  • DeJuan Tribble
  • Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala
  • **** Butkus
  • C.J. Ah You




If you would like a spot then E-Mail me or PM me here.



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