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Portland, Oregon PPR IDP Dynasty League Looking for a New Owner! (1 Viewer)


This team won the championship last year.

Stumptown Fantasy League
See OPEN FRANCHISE to view the roster. Picks 3.12, 4.04, 4.12, and 5.12.

We draft live and in-person. Date of draft TBD (typically in August). Most owners meet live, some of us draft remotely.

Additional bylaws can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-4xD-E7jl508LL7wIIRbGqSlUeROOc3e-CPnaozL6FY

League dues are $100 plus cost of MFL fees split evenly amongst all of the owners.

If you have any interest, please reply to this topic or PM me!

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