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Hot Sauce Guy

QB - Fields
RB - Barkley/Stevenson
WR - JJefferson/Higgins/GDavis
TE - Hock
O-FLX - AJDillon
K - Bass
DL - Buckner/Garrett
LB - TJ Edwards/Okereke
DB - H.Smith/Love
D-FLX - haven’t decided between Bentley or Shaq Green-Thompson, but leaning SGT. All those Brady dump offs should be a tacking bonanza.

Story - went with an all-late IDP strategy this year. Stacked up on offense through 10 rounds. Then let my hard work do the rest hunting for IDP bargains.

Everyone zigged taking IDP in rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, so I gobbled up offensive players.

It worked out well, other than David Long Jr getting hurt (he was a 15-20 a week LB)

I started 3-2, then didn’t lose another game to finish 13-2. Now 14-2 headed to the LCG on an 11-game win streak, and heavily LCG favorite (-32). Best win % in league history, 2nd in points, finished as the 1-seed and picked the correct week 16 playoff opponent.

Regret dealing Pollard, but otherwise a very solid season.
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Dynasty IDP League:

QB: Burrow
RB: Barkley/ETN
WR: Chase/Lamb/Higgins
TE: Andrews
FLEX: Devota Smith.
K: Butker
LB: Parsons/Jewell
DB: Chinn/Jalen Ramsey
DL: Garrett/Crosby
D-Flex: Tranquill/Logan Wilson

The Story:

Came into the year with insane RB Depth: Barkely/ETN/Montgomery/Mitchell/CEH. Traded Montgomery for Smith straight up. Traded Tyreke Hill/Mitchell/CEH and Corey Davis for Chase. I've got one of the strongest rosters when healthy/no byes, but not a ton of depth. Struggled through bye weeks and Chase's injury. Managed to win my final 3 weeks to get the 2nd seed and a 1st round bye.
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Keith R

The Don
Dynasty with Variable PPR
QB Allen
RB Kamara/Akers
WR Chase/Metcalf
TE Andrews
K Tucker
D/ST Eagles

Story - Middling ream all season despite being near the top in scoring. 1 week to go, I was in 6th place (Top 4 make playoffs). The schedule gods smiled upon me as the 4th and 5th place teams played the top two teams each vying for the top seed. I won, the other bubble teams lost and I sneak in as the 4 seed (3-way tie, got in on points). Played the top seed, who had been the Hurts owner. Had I not beat him to acquiring Minshew on the WW, I would have lost

jerry jones

QB Goff
RB Mcaffery
RB Foreman
WR Hill
WR Lamb
TE Engram
Flex Watson/Lockett
Flex Montgomery
K Folk
Def Dallas

Led from week 1


Redraft PPR

QB Geno Smith (lost Kyler)
WR Metcalf
WR M Williams
RB Saquon
RB A Jones
TE Waller or Njoku
FLEX D Henry Marquis Brown or J Dotson
K Bass
DEF Dallas

Story: Started slow, then rolled into the playoffs winning 6 of 7. Traded CEH early for DK Metcalf, then the week after Conner was activated traded Conner/M Sanders/Higbee for Saquon. Hoping to somehow overcome Henry sitting this week. The only players I drafted that are still on my team are Henry, A Jones, and M Williams...everyone else came via trade or free agency.


PPR Dynasty

QB Cousins
RB Ekeler
RB Rhamondre
WR AJ Brown
WR Diggs
WR Tyreek
Flex DJ Moore/Mostert
TE Njoku
K Koo
D/ST Jets
Story: Top record, top points scored... probably going to lose in the championship. I've made it to the championship twice in this league and lost both times. It's kind of my thing. :lol:
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SharkPool FFPC 12 team dynasty PPR/TE premium league:
RB: Najee, AJones
WR:2 of Adams, Evans, Lazard
Flex: Connor and 2 of Henry (ugh) or whichever WR I don’t start from above
K: Patterson JAX
D: Balt
Story: Finished 2nd overall regular season. As documented in the FFPC a dynasty thread, for those who read that, this team is Super Win Now in the 2nd year of this league, and I won it all last year, and in a decent position to do the same…but the Henry (doubtful) and Adams (Carr benching) news doesn’t exactly increase my chances at all. Hope to at least finish in the top 3 money.

Auction redraft 12 team Superflex PPR with 6 IDP
QB: Burrow
RB: Barkley, Jacobs
WR: Diggs, DJ Moore
TE: Hockenson
Flex: 1 of Walker or Montgomery or Kirk
Superflex: Lawrence or Cousins (likely the former)
K: Tucker
DL: Crosby LV, Paye IND
LB: Franklin IND, Jewel DEN
DB: Wilson DAL, Briskier CHI
Story/Bench: I also have Robinson RB WAS, Akers and Mostert on my bench. This is the single deepest/best redraft team I think I’ve ever assembled in decades of playing. First place wire to wire and 200 more points scored than any other team)
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3 Leagues this year (cut back by a couple). One leagues, I was dead by week 6 essentially.
Another league, lost last week in the semi's. (said team was a start 3 WR team, and I rolled out Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams and Diontae Johnson at WR. How's that for 3 WRs, well they and Justin Herbert combined for a total of 16 points in standard, combined with starting Everett at TE, who gave me a zero.....I put up one of the lowest point totals I have ever seen in all my years. I know PTTS LOL :lol: )
I'm playing for 3rd place $$$ in that league, and I look to have a good shot as my opponent has Henry.

My 3rd league, with "different" settings....I'm in the finals. .25 PPR, .25 POINTS PER CARRY, and .25 POINTS PER COMPLETION. Workhorses, bellcows and target hogs carry a premium in this league.

My roster looks like this.

QB - Josh Allen
WR - CeeDee Lamb
WR -DK Metcalf
RB - Josh Jacobs
RB - Saquon Barkley
TE - Dallas Goedert
FLEX -Isiah Pacheco
K - Michael Badgeley
Def - Baltimore

Bench - Christian Kirk, Jamaal Williams (owned him in every league, I was high on him because of Swift's not-so-swift health record), Latavius Murray, Jerick McKinnon, Khalil Herbert, DeeJay Dallas, JAX Def)

I had incredible luck, starting Kirk in his 3 or 4 biggest games over DK Metcalf. Ironically, I don't think I ever started Jamaal Williams but possibly 1-2 times, even though he was a rock solid RB1 all season long, only tapering off the last few weeks.
I had Dameon F'n Pierce and CEH, using them to perfection until they went to IR. I also had Kyle Pitts, but grabbed spot start of the week at TE until I could grab Goedert off the wire after he went to IR.
My only real "mistake" was dropping Kenneth Walker too early. Josh Jacobs was a real boon this season, and should rightfully be one of the "fantasy player of the year" candidates.
Here is the crusher. The guy I'm facing in the finals, has been in my leagues for years. And in another standard league, I played him and beat him in the finals in one specific league THREE YEARS RUNNING , and again a couple seasons later. I've been very fortunate to have never lost a final against this guy, and I'm perfectly content with taking second this year and letting him finally grab one.
That said, I'm about a 6 point favorite, and I'm trying to whip his *** again. :football: :bowtie:
His team is stacked too, with Tyreek, Kamara, Cook and Etienne, and a red hot Trevor Lawrence at QB filling in for his Lamar Jackson.
Truth be said, I have watched far less football and RedZone this season than in years past, but I will definitely be watching this week, as we look to have a blazer of a matchup, and a good competitive rivalry to boot.
I've realized in 9 finals over the years, I am a solid 7 and 2 . Looking forward to the weekend.

Good luck to everyone.


QB: Fields
RB: CMC, Barkley
WR: Lamb, St. Brown, Wilson
TE: Engram
K: Dicker
D: Ravens

Kinda played QB and TE roulette for a bit of the season as I drafted Waller and Kyler as starters. Was the #3 seed, both top seeds lost in the semis, including one team that went 14-0, but was built around Hurts/Jacobs/Adams/Diggs. Feel pretty good about my chances. Only 2 calls I'm debating are Fields v Lawrence and Wilson v Higgins.

QB: Allen
RB: Ekeler, Stevenson
WR: Hill, Higgins, Kirk
TE: Kittle
Flex: Pollard
K: Maher
D: Ravens

Started 0-2, haven't lost since. Would have lost if Ekeler hadn't had that 2nd TD on Monday.


12-team 0.5 PPR ESPN redraft

QB: Hurts (I hope ... if not, rolling with Minshew)
RB: Barkley, Pacheco (or AJ Dillon)
WR: Jefferson, AJ Brown
Flex: Mike Williams I think (either him or Watson)
TE: Kmet
K: Folk
DST: Jags (just streaming what I hope is a good matchup)

Finished 10-4, #1 playoff seed, and top scoring team in league. Got off to great 5-1 start. Then muddled through a 2-3 stretch (bye weeks hurt, and I struggled to fill the flex spot when Mike Williams was out until I picked up Watson). Then won last 3 of the season.

Jefferson/Barkley/Brown was a fantastic way to start the draft. And getting Hurts in the 6th round (8th QB off the board) is not something that's not going to happen next year. Dameon Pierce was my RB2 starter for most of the year. Fortunately Pacheco and Dillon rose as he got hurt, keeping my lineup stable. My big bust of the draft was taking Kyle Pitts in the 4th round. But who saw that kind of drop off coming (even before the injury)?

The team I'm facing in the finals, while being the #2 seed, isn't a particularly frightening team (middle of the pack for points scored ... just got lucky a lot with matchups). After how I squeaked by the semi-finals, I feel like this could be my year. I only won by 2 points, withstanding my opponent's Ekeler and Everett plays in the MNF game. I got cute with my kicker. Folk had been my kicker but I got spooked by the weather reports and played the Colts guy instead. As it turned out, that was a 4 point difference (and I would've lost if I played Folk). Also, I was planning to pick up Tom Brady and start him with Hurts out. But my opponent picked Brady up to block me. Minshew outscored Brady by 11, so that was another move that could've cost me the win. Maybe the fantasy football gods are smiling on me this year :-)


My redraft leagues played their championship games in week 14. I'll leave them out.

All of my dynasty leagues don't have what I'd term a championship game, they are all in the format where the final 4 teams play weeks 16-17, with exception of one league were it's 4 teams playing weeks 15-17. But for this purpose I'll consider these my championship games.


QB- Mahomes
RB:Alvin and Dalvin
WR: Juedy, Devonta Smith
TE: Kittle
Flex: ETN and Engram
K: McPherson
D: Tampa last week, KC this week

Story: 10th season of this league and I've made the playoffs the previous 9 years. I did NOT want to make the playoffs this year and felt that way all the way till final week of the regular season. To many loaded teams in the league. A league of have and have nothings so I thought it would be better to step back a year, be heavy favorite to win Bijan in the draft playoffs. Alvin and Dalvin are old, I figured I got ETN, Dobbins and if I could get Bijan to go along with a fairly deep young WR group and that made more sense for the long run. Also in my 9 previous seasons in this league I've been a top two seed 6x and a non top two seed the other 3x. In this format top two seeds auto advance to the 4 team final 4, the other 4 teams to make the playoff are in a 4 team point race the first week of the playoffs with 2 advancing to the 4 team final 4 against the top two seeds. The 3x I've not got a top two seed I've been bounced every time in the opening week of the playoffs and failed to reach the final 4. Also I lost Deebo in week 14. So to me I just feared getting bounced in week 15, season over. And even if I made it out of week 15 the field is just stacked. I figure that or I could likely just obtain Bijan and that seemed better to me. Well my team blew up in week 15 and advanced to the final 4 so felt a little better about making the playoffs. My team also blew up in week 16 but I was not wrong about how strong the field is in this league. Out of the 20 teams that are the final 4 of my 5 FFPC leagues this league has the 3 highest scoring teams in week 16. I'm in front, but going to be tough to hang on.


QB: Mahomes
RB: CMC, Pollard(Pachecho if he can't go)
WR: Lamb, Garrett Wilson
TE: Engram
Flex: Pacheco and Diontae Johnson last week, Diontae this week and not sure yet on the other flex but it's between Schultz, Pachecho if he's not used at RB or Dotson
K: Butker
D: Cleveland last week, Philly this week

Story: another league I did not want to make the playoffs. 8th year of the league, have been a final 4 team all of the previous 7 seasons. Lost Ridley before the year started. Michael Thomas early on. After Breece Hall blew his ACL I traded Dalvin Cook for him so was kind of waving the white flag. My team was slumping, just did not feel like it had it. After years of picking late in the daft just felt a one year step back and Bijan to pair with Breece would help fuel another run. But then my team got a little hot and this league is not as stacked as the one above so with a few weeks to go in the regular season I changed my mind and wanted to get in the playoffs. Easily advanced in week 15, got a small lead right now heading into the last week.


QB: Herbert last week, probably again this week
RB: Najee and Fournette last week and probably again this week.
WR:Jefferson, Tyreek
TE: Goedert
Flex: ASB, Devonta Smith
K: McPherson
D: San Fran

Story: took me 10 years to win this league, finally broke through last year and now trying to a repeat. Got a bye so auto advanced to week 16. Similar to that first league I mentioned the field is stacked with 2 teams in the final 4 I view as basically super teams. I was able to get out to a small lead heading into this last week.


RB: Alvin and Miles last week, Alvin and Walker this week
WR: Tyreek, Hopkins
TE: Kelce
Flex: Goedert and Drake London
K:Mclaughlin last week, Tucker this week
D: Buffalo last week, NE this week

Story: 9th year of the league and have won a few championships. Dominated the regular season, clinched top two seed in week 11. Laid an egg last week and currently in third, 40 behind leader and about 20 out of second. Easily my most disappointing playoff race so far.

MFL private league, similar format but this is not TE premium, straight PPR:

QB: Josh Allen
RB: Barkley, Dalvin
WR: Diontae and Juju last week, Cooper out due to weather but he'll join the group this week with one of these WR's as flex.
TE: Dulcich made his season debut in my lineup last week, Njoku in this week
Flex: Najee and KJ freaking Osborn last week, Najee and one of those WR's above this week
K: McLaughlin last week due to weather, Carlson this week
D: Tampa last week, Giants this week

Story: I split this team, got our first championship last year. Entered playoffs as third seed, advanced easily, sitting in third place again after first week of the playoffs. It's close right now but don't like my chances, more likely to finish 4th then 1st IMO but right now all 4 teams are within 17 points of each other.

DFWC league:

QB: Geno(lost Kyler)
RB/flex: Barkley, Alvin, Dalvin and Mixon
WR: Mike Williams, Juedy and Pittman last week. This week PIttman out for Garrett Wilson.
D: San Fran
K: Tucker

Story: split this with poster here Dez. We sucked in the startup draft in 2016 but loaded up on #1's in the 2017 draft and have won a few championships but never reached the goal of winning the overall. A little disappointing regular season were we failed to get a top two seed but this format it's just 4 teams in final 4 for 3 week race so we made the final 4. Currently in first by a small margin.

Side note: I don't have these guys on any of my teams but in all 6 of my final 4's there is a team with Ekeler. 5/6 leagues someone has Keenan Allen and Davante Adams and 4/6 have Jacobs. I have Kelce on 2 teams but he is also on 5/6 teams. Just giving a snapshot of some of the common players I'm seeing.


Full IDP Dynasty, Zealots League

Right now it looks like this. It's a start nine league, start nine defensive guys, too. 1 QB 2-5RB/TE with at least three combined 2-5WR 1TE. Full PPR for TE/WR, Half PPR for RBs

QB: Mahomes
RB: Miles Sanders, Ezekiel Elliott or D'Onta Foreman, or Zeke and Foreman
WR: Davante Adams, Ja'Marr Chase, DK Metcalf, Christian Watson or Allen Lazard, Courtland Sutton or DJ Chark
TE: Goedert
DL: Josh Sweat, Jonathan Greenard, Grady Jarrett
LB: Drue Tranquill, Nicholas Morrow, Lavonte David
CB/S: Julian Love, Johnathan Owens, Kamren Curl


Super flex
Q: Mike white, Tom Brady, (or Deshaun Watson, Andy Dalton or Sam Darnold)
RB: Derrick Henry (Zonovon Knight)
RB: Saquon Barkley
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Diontae Johnson
WR: Chris Moore or Alec Pierce
TE: Darren Waller (or Greg Dulcich)
F: Austin Ekeler
F: Kenneth Walker
SF: see above but probably Tom Brady
DL: Kwity Paye
DL; Jonathan Allen or Aidan Hutchinson
LB: Logan Wilson
LB: Roquan Smith
DB: Isaiah Simmons
DB: Jeremy chinn
F: Willie Gay

Started 1-5, lost Trey Lance, Cooper Kupp, and javonte Williams. The other backs and IDP and luck carried the team.
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standard league

Minshew (assuming Hurts is out)
Amon Ra
Philly D
Pollard or Jeudy in my flex (not feeling good about rolling Pollard out there but Jeudy has a dealing with an ankle issue and is made of glass—despite how well he’s playing).


Dynasty PPR league

D PrescottQB - DAL(9)
Thu 8:15 PM@ TEN

A KamaraRB - NO(14)
(Lights Kamara Action!)
Sun 1:00 PM@ PHI

D CookRB - MIN(7)
Sun 4:25 PM@ GB

S DiggsWR - BUF(7)
(The dude abides)
Mon 8:30 PM@ CIN

A BrownWR - PHI(7)
Sun 1:00 PMvs NO

T HockensonTE - MIN(7)
(Hock this!)
Sun 4:25 PM@ GB

D SwiftRB - DET(6)
Sun 1:00 PMvs CHI

C LambWR - DAL(9)
Thu 8:15 PM@ TEN

H ButkerK - KC(8)
(Butt kicker)
Sun 1:00 PMvs DEN

Thu 8:15 PM@ TEN


Jones, Stevenson, Walker, Sanders, Pacheco
Chase, Aj Brown, Waddle, Watson
Eagles Def


QB- P.Mahomes
RB- A.Ekeler
WR- T.Higgins
TE- D.Bellinger
FLEX- R.Stevenson
B.Aiyuk(C.Watson if playing)
K- M.Badgley(or Dicker the kicker)
DEF- San Francisco

Rode Mahomes and the 3 rb's and 2 wr's all year. Streamed my te,that was challenging.


Allen, Dillon, Mixon, Aiyuk, Lamb, Jeudy, Pittman, Evan Engram, Kittle, Giants Def

Burrow, Gabe Davis, Goedert, Ravens def


14 Team Dynasty - Standard Scoring

We basically start 5 FLEX, with the rule that you can not start more than 3 RBs and if you start 2-3 RBs you must start a TE.


Henry, AJones, Hunt, Higgins, MBrown, DJohnson, Kmet, TaysomHill

Good Luck Everyone!


Stevenson or Dobbins
T Hill(NO)
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Wigglytuff's Gruff


If Pollard is out I have Haskins (shudder) or K Herbert to pivot to. Think I'd go Herbert but neither appealing to me.
Dynasty - No PPR

Josh Allen
Saquon Barkley
Nick Chubb
AJ Brown
Cee Dee Lamb
either Rrian Robinson or Tee Higgins at flex
Travis Kelce
Brett Maher
Kansas City Def

Story of my team was trades. Traded Jerry Jeudy and Damien Harris in the offseason for Travis Kelce in hopes to dominate at TE. Also offseason gave up a 2022 first, two seconds and a third for Barkley and another second for Tee Higgins. In season traded high producing, aging assets like Tyreek Hill for slow starters like Cee Dee Lamb and future possibilities like Dobbins and Zamir White for AJ Brown early in the season. I made a couple of bad trades also but the good WAY outweighed the bad.


QB 1 Fields
RB 2 Pollard, A Jones || B Robinson, R White, AJ Dillon
WR 2 Jefferson Waddle
TE 1 Kelce ||
Flex 1 Higgins

Bench fodder including Tua & Njoku

Pip's Invitation

Redraft PPR league, all TDs 6.

QB Lawrence
RB1 Conner
RB2 B. Robinson
WR1 J. Jefferson
WR2 McLaurin
WR3 Smith-Schuster
TE Goedert
Flex 1 L. Murray
Flex 2 Michael Carter, Khalil Herbert, Rashid Shaheed or Gerald Everett
K Elliott
D Jacksonville

Story: This is the weirdest team I've probably ever had. It started 1-6, with major whiffs in the first 10 rounds such as Javonte, Edmonds and Toney. The top 3 in HTH get money, but so do the top 3 in total points and all-play, and I am like 7th in total points and 8th in all-play. (I was 10th or 11th in them until the last few weeks.) I started Lamar most of the year but plugged in Lawrence when he got hurt. I have streamed defense all year. Since week 8, I have gone 8-1, with the loss being by 0.14, and I later beat that team in the first round of the playoffs. There were three 6-7 teams going into the last week of the regular season vying for the last playoff spot. I beat one of them and the other lost his match. My team has improved but equally important has been that my opponents have mostly scored poorly against me since week 8. I have the second-fewest points allowed over the course of the season, and I suspect I am first in that measure since week 8 by a wide margin. Last week I faced the 1 seed in the semis and he had his worst week of the year, getting a combined 7 points from Adams, Stevenson and Folk. Regardless of what happens this week, I'm going to make a profit in this league when I have absolutely no right to.



Miles Sanders, RB, PHI
R. Stevenson, RB, NE
G. Kittle, TE, SF
WR, C. Godwin, TB
WR, D. Smith, PHI
WR, J. Jefferson, Min
Flex T. Pollard, RB Dal
Flex L. Fournette, R. Smith, RB TB
FLex D. Watson QB, Clev, Juju, wr, KC, McLaurin WR, Wash

Some guys just peaking at the right time


Redraft non-ppr
z jones
j johnson
b Robinson
philly d
bench - Montgomer, thielan, butker, d jones
great draft with minimal injuries. Only lost ertz and a Robinson and was able to pickup z jones,, j johnson, Maher and philly def in free agency. Only a slight favorite to win championship. I started off 0-3 then finished 8-6 with most points as 4th seed.


12 team, 1PPR

QB Dak
WR Pittman
WR Pickens
RB Walker
RB Montgomery
TE Njoku
Flex Foreman
SF Fields
K Maher
D Cowboys
Bench - Pollard Sutton Campbell Gibson Purdy Cooks

My team should be nowhere near the finals. Started the year 0-4 and in 11th place thanks to Dak's injury + Fields slow start. Then Fields went on a tear, and I managed to scratch and claw my way to the 6 seed. Put together one of my better weeks in the first round to knock off the 3 seed, then got lucky as ever as my semi-final opponent (1 seed) laid an egg and I won by 1.10 pts.

History: Traded Mixon for Breece + Sutton, 2 weeks later Breece goes down. Traded Godwin for Bateman, he goes down. Lost Kupp for the year. Drafted, started, then lost Pitts. If I can just win one more game this will be the most satisfying title of my fantasy career because it feels the most earned, streaming D's and K's for any extra points I can get, churning TE's all year long, scrapping back from so many lost players, and getting lucky all at the same time.


First, great job to all getting here. We all made it with a little luck and a lot of research.

Long story short: this is my wife's team through her work. She lost interest after the draft so I came back from a 7 year hiatus to help. I had to relearn all of the depth charts. Took a few weeks to shake off the rust after not paying much attention to the NFL.

Rolling with:
Daniel Jones/Minshew (Still on the fence)

Jamaar Chase
Justin Jefferson
Amon Ra

James Conner (Please feel better or its James Cook)




IBL Representative
QB Allen
RB Barkley
WR Jefferson, Lamb, Diggs
TE Engram
pK. Tucker
SF. Mahomes
flex. Allen, Waddle, Friermuth
bench. Burrows, Henry, Stevenson, Dobbins, Dillon, Walker

dL. Hunter, Paye, Jordan
lB. Brooks, Kendrick’s, Simmons, Roquan
DB Curl, J. Simmons, J. Johnson, Pitre

not best record for leagues 5 years but most pts(by only 3), potential points and all play records. Last 2 not close. Injuries a blip but traded 23 picks I had acquired and youth for Burrows, Walker in week 10. Have used both once. Got Henry for Elliott plus, plus and he has helped but not huge. Had 9 nice LBs to start season. Down to last healthy 4.


1 QB, 1 SF, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D, 2 flex

QB Josh Allen
SF Minshew or Colt McCoy or D Watson
RB James Connor
WR Diggs
WR Lamb
WR Metcalf
TE Jordan Akins (or Hurst)
Flex Dalvin Cook
Flex Etienne
K Robbie Gould
D - 49ers

Long Ball Larry

Redraft ppr

Josh allen
Devonta smith
KC def

Lat murray
Aj brown
PHI def

Espn has me as a 51-49 favorite… will likely come down to the wire on Monday night



Goff (rode Hurts to the injury)
C.Watson or B.Robinson
AJ Brown
Goedert/Schultz (haven't decided yet)


Allen (seems to be on a lot of championship rosters, no great surprise and sucks to have to face him)

What a week to have to face 2 Cowboys when they're playing a shredded Titans.

Krilons Resa

14 Team - PPR

QB: Prescott
RB: Ekeler
RB: Pollard
WR: AJ Brown
WR: Pittman Jr.
TE: Hockenson
FLEX: Stevenson
K: Patterson

Gotta pivot to Pacheco with the recent Pollard news. Am probably gonna pivot off of Pittman Jr. as well. There is no way I am gonna put my championship in the hand sof Nick Foles.


team 1 (10 team half ppr) - allen - arsb, higgins - kamara, zeke - hock - sanders - some kicker and defense
team 2 (8 team half ppr) - mahomes - arsb, jefferson - zeke, pacheco - engram - ekeler - some kicker and defense

Raging weasel

Montgomery,Dillon, Akers

Would like my chances much better if Pollard and Deebo were playing this week.


Superflex league, PPR with one additional RB/WR/TE flex

QB - Cousins
Superflex - D Jones

RB - D Cook
RB - Foreman (would normally be Pollard)
WR - Chase
WR - Waddle
WR - London
RB/WR/TE flex - Chark
TE - Kittle
K - Succop
Def - PHI

Team was inconsistent during the season but had good schedule luck. Now team is on fire - Have had the top score 3 consecutive weeks.


QB - Avatar
RB - Etienne
WR - JJefferson / Lamb / Zay
TE - Goedert
O-FLX - K9
K - Elliot
DL - Crosby
LB - TJ Edwards/ Q Walker / N Morrow
DB - J Chinn / D Mathis
D-FLX - T Anderson / T Fields II

16 man league PPR , only 6 bench places - semi final :oops:
Opponent has / had - Carr, Pollard, T Henry :wink:


12 team Redraft PPR(6 pt TDs for everyone including QBs)

QB Josh Allen
WR Diggs
WR Higgins
RB Stevenson
RB Walker
TE Schultz
FLEX Conner
S Flex Brady
K Bass
DEF Dallas

Just aimed for back half of RB committees especially aiming for injury prone backs and got lucky with Stevenson and Walker. Also targeted guys on biggest implied totals for teams season long from Vegas. Also had Melvin Gordon but he fumbled away his opportunity. Held on to Taysom Hill the whole season because he's a TE on yahoo.


12 team redraft PPR, two weeks starting this week

Fields (Dak bench)

Dobbins (Moss/JCook on the bench)

K Allen
F-Mike Williams
(Diontae bench)

Njoku (Waller bench)

Cowboys (Chargers bench)

Myers (might pick up Succoup instead)

VS (My 17 year old nephew)
Goff (Lamar)
Barkley/Etienne (Pacheco/White/Perine bench)
Jefferson/G Wilson
F- Pittman/Kirk (Pickens bench)
Godert (Hooper)

We both got a little lucky but there was a lot of parity in the league with (6) 8-6 teams. I think advantage him buy a little but it's close-ish. I lost Taylor and Pierce so kinda sputtering to the finish line at RB.


I'll let you know when I figure out who will be resting for their week 18 matchups, who is gonna be benched for personal reasons, and which team's games actually matter after the early games sunday


12 team Redraft PPR (heavy underdog and still not entirely decided on flex starts):

QB Allen
WR Adams
RB Mixon
RB Patterson (Pollard OUT)
W/T Engram
W/R Olave
K Elliott

Allgeier, Sutton, K. Herbert, Moss


Only in three leagues with playoffs. The other two are H2H play to the end and best record wins. Made it to two SB's and lost in the first round in the third.

Team #1 (lost in Super Bowl last week):
  • QB: Geno (had Hurts and had to take a flyer and thought he would do well vs KC. I was wrong)
  • RB: Aaron Jones & Stevenson (ugh....bad week for both of them to **** the bed)
  • WR: Jefferson, Chase, Godwin
  • Flex: Walker (debated between him and Sanders. Made the right choice but didn't matter)
  • K: Gano (picked off waivers being indoors and good kicker matchup - worked out well)
  • Def: Baltimore (solid play)

I got blown out mainly because of my RB underperforming and Hurts being out. Went against Burrow/Higgins stack (big games), Lamb (huge game), Henry, Knox (best game of year), Buffalo D, Tyreek. His other guys were decent as well. It just wasn't in the cards. Lost by 30pts.

Season: It was a tight league with 4 games separating first and last. I got into the playoffs with a win and points tie breaker during the last week of the season. As the #3 seed I easily beat the #2 seed to go against the #4 seed (who beat the #1 seed).

Team #2 (Super Bowl this week)
  • QB: Cousins
  • RB: CMC, Barkley (took a chance at the draft and it has paid off.....so far)
  • WR: Godwin, Thielen, Pickens (I have Olave, Hodgins, Burks as possible choices. Leaning towards putting in Hodgins for PIckens or Thielen if Olave is out).
  • Flex: Brian Robinson (could play Dobbins, Dillon, Pacheco in this spot. I think Robinson has best matchup and most meaningful game).
  • K: Bass (love the kicker on MNF)
  • Def: Eagles (been riding them all year)
Playing the #1 seed that has rolled all season. High scoring team and currently I am a dog by 7 pts. He had Dak go last night and he slightly underperformed. He also has Ekeler, Stevenson, Tyreek, Diontae Johnson, Zay, Hockenson, Conner, Raiders D & Succop. I got a shot but need my WR's to get a couple TD's to do so.

Season: Top 4 by record made the playoffs and then #5 & #6 based on most points scored. I finished 3rd in total points but the schedule maker wasn't kind and I finished right about .500. I got in as the #5 seed. Obviously I went RB heavy (also had Javonte but he went down and totally whiffed on Allen Robinson as I thought he was going to be a top 10 WR this year. It's part of the reason why I punted WR early on). I was able to cobble together some WR's and Olave helped quite a bit.


14 team dynasty. We get 1.5 PPR for TE, so they flex into WR/TE better than most WRs typically (standard 1 PPR for WRs).

QB Patrick Mahomes (2017 rookie pick 2.10)

RB Saquon Barkley (2017 dev pick 1.01)
RB Joe Mixon (2017 rookie pick 1.01)
RB Josh Jacobs (acquired for Kyle Pitts [2020 1.04 dev pick] and my future 2021 dev pick midseason 2020)

WR/TE Mark Andrews (2017 dev pick 1.10)
WR/TE Tyreek Hill (2016 offseason WW pickup)
WR/TE JuJu Smith-Schuster (2016 dev pick 1.01)
WR/TE Pat Freiermuth (2021 rookie pick 1.10)

This team took years to build and there were some key milestones along the way:

- In 2016, I picked up Tyreek Hill in the offseason as a waiver flyer. I knew about him from his JUCO days and Oklahoma State because of his speed, and knew he had strong athletic ability, but of course I never expected him to become what he's become. I can't really overstate what a huge boost it has been to this team to get an elite career for "free".

- After a few dreadful seasons, I was lucky to have the 1.01 rookie pick AND dev pick in 2017 when there were obvious great players in both spots (Mixon, Barkley). This is just the draft system doing what it's supposed to do, replenishing bad/mismanaged teams, which mine was.

- In that same year, I got Mahomes with the rookie 2.10 and made a trade to get a second dev pick, where I grabbed Mark Andrews from Oklahoma. The latter was a bit of a bold move at the time since he wasn't getting taken in most of these leagues, but it worked out beyond my wildest dreams.

- The drafting of Pitts with the 1.04 dev pick in 2020 and the subsequent decision to package him for Jacobs have had massive influence on this season. This trade actually happened while Pitts was still in college. It looked like a disaster after his strong rookie year, but has swung back around again with Jacobs putting up huge stats. I would not be in this position taking zeroes from Pitts every week.

Overall, you need to make a lot of good decisions and get very lucky in multiple spots to reach this point. I've also been very lucky to avoid major injuries to my core guys this year. A few of them have been dinged up, but I ducked all the nightmare ACL/Achilles type of stuff that kills rosters.


Dynasty full PPR:

QB: Brady or Geno
RB: Eckler and Barkley (Mixon on Bench)
WR: Jefferson, Diggs and Keenon Allen (Tee Higgins on Bench)
TE: Andrews

13-1 season. 16 team Contract league that I took over a kind of crappy team 3 years ago, after the draft and free agency. Sold high on some players and nailed my first draft (Chase, Waddle, St. Brown, Stevenson). Made some good trades to rebuilding teams and here we are.

5 team keeper, 1/2 PPR:

QB: Fields or Cousins
RB: Zeke, Conner and Mixon
WR: Chase, AJ Brown and Keenon Allen
TE: Schultz

20 year league. Started season 1-4 and finished 8-1 to get the #6 seed. Picked up Allen and Conner along the way from rebuilding teams for younger players such as DJ Moore, Josh Palmer and Zamir White.


Super flex
Q: Mike white, Tom Brady, (or Deshaun Watson, Andy Dalton or Sam Darnold)
RB: Derrick Henry (Zonovon Knight)
RB: Saquon Barkley
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Diontae Johnson
WR: Chris Moore or Alec Pierce
TE: Darren Waller (or Greg Dulcich)
F: Austin Ekeler
F: Kenneth Walker
SF: see above but probably Tom Brady
DL: Kwity Paye
DL; Jonathan Allen or Aidan Hutchinson
LB: Logan Wilson
LB: Roquan Smith
DB: Isaiah Simmons
DB: Jeremy chinn
F: Willie Gay

Started 1-5, lost Trey Lance, Cooper Kupp, and javonte Williams. The other backs and IDP and luck carried the team.

Going against Joe Burrow with a nice lead :popcorn:
Thank dog I didn’t stay Watson over Brady.
Starting 1-5, losing Kupp and javonte then Henry for the championship, going against the 1 seed makes for a fun season in the end.


Darn a bunch of super teams in this thread lol.

My 10 Team half ppr:
QB: J. Fields
RB: A. Ekler, T. Etienne Jr
WR: G. Wilson, AJ Brown
Flex(2): T. Higgins, J. Mixon
TE: E. Engram
D/S: Jaguars
K: B. Maher

Bench: J. Herbert, G. Davis, A. Mattison, G. Edwards, C. Kmet, S. Perine, J.K. Dobbins, J. Dotson

Im up by 38 points. He has J. Burrow. I have Mixon and Higgins. Its pretty much a wrap. Feel bad for my opponent a little. He is the D. Henry owner. Burrow and Chase could go off tonight but my guys would totally have to ghost. Doubt it happens.

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