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Potential for someone to emerge: what do you think of these situations (1 Viewer)


Following the draft, here are a few spots that catch my attention as unclear spots where fantasy points could emerge. I'm talking depth charts where it is unclear who will earn the snaps and opportunity. I'm trying to mine some unheralded guys who may be on fantasy wires. What do you think about the following? Other spots you are watching?

KC Backup RBDraughn/Gray/DavisI don't love Davis' talent. Any opinions on who would be Reid's guy if Charles goes down?

Jacksonville Backup RBRobinson/Tolston/Todman/Others

MJD is unreliable at this point and this presents a prime spot for someone to step forward longterm. Is Robinson a legitimate candidate? Any insider thoughts on the other RBs?

New Orleans WR

Toon/Morgan/StillsI think we could find ourselves in a place this season or next where Moore and or Colston are no longer preferential to other guys on the roster. What's the play here?

Green Bay WRBoykin/Ross/draft picks

With Jennings gone, there is value when 4 wide. Who gets the PT?

Baltimore WR2Jones/Doss/Streeter/other

Unclear who gets Boldin's targets.

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KC -- regardless what you or I think of Davis' ability, the smart move is to defer to the team brain trust's opinion. If they thought Draughn (UDFA) or Gray (6th rounder) were all that valuable, they wouldn't have burned a 3rd on Davis.

JAC -- right now the backup is Forsett, who has been decent elsewhere when needed. I'd take a flier on Denard Robinson though for the future. He's an exceptional athlete. Who knows if MJD moves on or returns after this year, but Robinson could be worth a shot.

NO -- Toon would get first shot I think. Morgan is more of a Henderson/Meachem speed type while Toon s/b a more well rounded WR. Stills is a threat too though. Too early to know how Toon/Stills will develop, but I'd give the edge to Toon for now.

GB -- they had to do without Jennings a lot of last year so I think that serves as a guide. But Boykin is one to watch after the three primary guys plus TE Finley. Ross is more of a returner. Watch out for rookie Charles Johnson though, he could develop. Not your typical 7th rounder. The other guy taken in the 7th (Dorsey) to me is just a guy.

BAL -- I'm guessing an unimportant committee at WR2. Increase in looks for TEs Pitta and Dickson and WR1 T Smith should suck up a lot of the Boldin targets, and after that I think Jones, Streeter, Doss, and maybe rookie Mellette divide up what's left, which won't be a lot. Remember RB in that offense gets a ton of catches too.

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