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Potty training a 2.5 year old = :kilme: (1 Viewer)

my boy started kindergarten this year. he's been pretty good over the past few weeks with everything. at the end of the night, i let him spend a few minutes on the pot and hope he poops. i let him relax, alone with some books or he plays a game on my phone. it's pretty low stakes for him and it helps him squeeze a few out usually.

Any pointers here? Other than drinking. I will definitely drink.
A few disney princess "big girl" underpants worked for my daughter. Told her that she couldn't wear "big girl" underpants until she stopped wetting herself. She was a huge princess fan. Worked perfectly. She put them on and never looked back. Every morning was hysterical as she tried to decide which princess she would wear that day.

My son was officially potty trained at 3.4 mo. He could sit on the toilet and go when he was 2, but wouldn't tell us or go on his own. It got pretty frustrating after 3 because he needed to be potty trained before August for school. One day he just started running in and going.

I tried everything. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, standing up outside, being naked, etc.

I'm wondering if maybe we started too early. We were certain that since he could use a toilet so young, that he would be potty trained early. Not quite so.

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>> It got pretty frustrating after 3 because he needed to be potty trained before August for school

don't underestimate the power of peer shaming once they get to school. Even at 3 or 4, being the "pee pants" kid is not very cool. Some kids have to be around a bunch of other kids who are trained before it really sinks in.

I am not a parent but my wife and I are close friends with 2 couples who are currently potty training their kids and we see them regularly. I've even been peed on a couple times through the process. Both kids (a girl and a boy) are about 2 and a half and are pretty much potty trained. One thing I noticed is that both couples had a bit of an iron fist when it was potty time. Instead of asking, they'd tell their child it was potty time and pick them up and put them on the potty. It became a routine. It makes sense because if you ask a 2-3 year old if they need to potty of course they're going to say they'd rather play with their legos or whatever. Maybe the kids will grow up to be anal retentive or whatever, but it seems to be working now.

They also praise the hell out of their successful potties. We clap for peepees and doodies as enthusiastically as we'd clap for a hometown superbowl win.


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