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Am looking to try something new and better than PPR scoring.  Does anything believe Julian Edelman should get 1 pt for a 0-yard catch?

The answer is PPFD. The scoring is very simple – a player earns 1 point per first down (except QB). For QB – they earn 0.25 points per first down rushing or passing. There is no PPR.

All other scoring rules are unchanged.

Here are examples of how 2017 total fantasy points scored would be affected:

Landry  :               -52  Fpts

J. Jones:               -21

Kamara                 -3

Gronk:                  -12

A.      Brown:         -30         

Bell:                       +20

Howard:               +32

At first glance, it really helps bellcow RB’s, but remember how bad RB’s were 2-3 years ago, how injury prone they are, and RBBC’s?  That hasn’t changed. With this kind of system

Guys like Lynch, Howard, Ajayi, Fournette, and Blount have more value. Good QB’s that control the ball have a little more value too.

As you can see, this system really rewards “real performance” better than PPR.  We know it took awhile for PPR to catch on, but now with the NFL a passing league PPR is flawed.

Hard for me to believe that no one is offering this? Does anyone run any PPFD Money legues ($200 or 500) via Leaguesafe or some well known "safe" site? Please reply. 

Its time for a better system, lets push this as best we can please.

Thanks, --Alex


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