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PPR Brieda over J Howard or L Miller? (1 Viewer)


Brieda is going against KC today, and I feel it will be a high scoring game with more potential for Brieda even with Morris likely still getting a fair share of carries. I believe Brieda should be in my lineup, but when it comes to my own team I have a hard time making roster swaps. 

So, I have J Howard and L Miller in my lineup with Brieda on the bench.....which 2 would you guys roll with??  TIA

In case you didn't see it in title, I'm in a PPR league.

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Let's put it this way. I have David Johnson. He is bound to have a good week sometime too. But he is on my bench this week. Until they start to use him and he starts to put up points he sits. Miller has been getting vultured by Blue and Hopkins is just as likely to throw it or run it in himself than hand it off to Miller when they are in a scoring position.


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