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PPR Flex: Golden Tate (Game 1 w/ Eagles) or Kerryon Johnson (vs Chi)? (1 Viewer)


PPR Flex: Golden Tate or Kerryon Johnson?

Who do you like and why?  Leave links if you have lineup questions.


QB: Cam

RB: Gurley

RB: Conner

WR: Evans


TE: Gronk (If Active)

Flex: Tate or KJ33

K: Lutz


Thanks for the help with mine. I'm gonna go against the trend and roll with Tate. some points of reasoning:

  • Bears Run D is very good (especially if Mack is back)  
  • Riddick back catching passes
  • Blount seemingly the battering ram at the goalline.
  •  while Tate's role is unknown (as mentioned above), it's possible he could have an absolute huge ceiling this week (low floor too, of course). 

All that being said, Tate is definitely the more risky play. If you're the underdog and need that high ceiling, Tate is your guy. If you're the favorite and you just need 5-12pts, then I'd roll with Johnson. 

Thanks for the help with mine. 

Johnson. I always like the RB if possible and Tate is risky without knowing how he's used.

That being said, Tate is in my lineup this week out of necessity.

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I'd go Tate. The Lions offense is a bit of a mess right now, and a match up with the Bears isn't going to make that any easier. Tate already torched Dallas once this year, and they had a week to get him familiar with the playbook. Its close, but I just trust Tate more.

If the Eagles went out and gave up a 3rd rounder for Tate, they must be planning to use him this year, and why wait?  Imagine what he could do if he gets the same target share as Agholor has been getting.  Plus I agree with 4thandinches on the reasons to avoid Johnson.

Thanks for answering mine

I don't like the matchup for Johnson at all - especially with Riddick back taking the 3rd down role.  This is tough because you have no idea what Tate does however as we have seen with every other WR traded the teams have tried to force feed them the ball early.  I would expect that to be the same here so I would lean Tate. 


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