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PPR IDP league needs one owner, OFFLINE draft start soon (1 Viewer)


I have a PPR IDP league with an offline draft starting soon as we fill up. There will be more changes done to the league page and everything.

I have 11 signed up for the IDP league. If you're one to hop on chat and talk trades and stuff come on chat, we welcome you. Do not show interest if you're only gonna quit 3 weeks into the season. The guys I have already are from my baseball league that I run, and I will be doing a basketball league or two as well here in the near future. So any interest in football and/or basketball lemme know. Everyone is active and on chat and it's gonna be like that in football.

Leave email, hop on chat or you can email me @ D.Thomas.GU35@gmail.comand we can start talking. Thnx!


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