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PPR Keeper: DHenry or Lamb (1 Viewer)


14-team, 1-keeper, 2RB/2WR/1FLEX/3BENCH auction league.

The keeper tax is 20% increase to the previous year, and you can only keep a player for 3 seasons. Other team's probable keepers: JTaylor $32, Gibson $19, Ekeler $32, Dobbins $4, Patterson $2, Etienne $2, Kupp $45, Chase $13, JJefferson $3, McLaurin $4, MWilliams $3, Debo $6, Waller $25

DHenry: $32 2021 price, $38 2022 price. 1-year keeper eligibility

Lamb: $4 2021 price, $5 2022 price, $6 2023 price. 2-year keeper eligibility

RB3-5 usually sell for $68 historically. WR5-8 usually sell for $44 historically.

Who should I keep? Leaning Lamb with 2 years of eligibility, slightly higher value when comparing keeper value to projected auction value, and the top end WR pool to bid on is pretty scarce with Kupp, Jefferson, Chase all being kept.

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What are the years left on all the other guys you have listed?  In keep one leagues I typically just keep the best player because one guy doesn't make or break you so keep the best guy.  Only time I really factor in the cost is in a situation where I have guys of equal level performance wise.

Without knowing anything regarding years able to be kept I would keep Taylor at $32.  That seems like a 50% discount off the going rate and he is the best player listed.  

ETA:  OOPS.....i missed the part that Taylor was someone elses keeper.    That being said, I keep Henry over Lamb.  He is harder to replace and the better player.  

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