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PPR Keeper league spot open. Draft from scratch the week... (1 Viewer)


Hey Guys,

Have a spot open in our slow draft PPR keeper like which starts this week.

We threw out the H2H format for points standings as we want the best team to actually win. Tired of H2H leagues where owners

don't bother with their losing teams? Tired of owners that don't bother setting rosters down the stretch? This is the league for you.


  • Snake style slow draft keeper league. Moves quickly.
  • $50 entry fee
  • 10 teams
  • 16 man roster
  • 10 active-6 bench
  • Trading picks and players allowed
  • Draft from scratch!
  • PPR 1 point.
  • First and Second place winners
  • No league commish needed. All members vote each year on rules and changes .
contact me at dtriley@optonline.net if you want in... DRAFT STARTS THIS WEEK!


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