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PPR Lineup Question - WHIR (1 Viewer)


Need to pick 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex from this list

RB Alvin Kamara - NO home vs. Rams - DNP on Thursday for illness but FP on Friday
RB Nick Chubb - CLE home vs. Chiefs - no idea what the offense will look like after the coaching changes
RB Latavius Murray - MIN home vs. Lions - Dalvin Cook is expected to play limited snaps
RB Austin Ekeler - LAC at Seahawks - Melvin Gordon was LP on Thursday but FP on Friday
RB Alex Collins - BAL home vs. Steelers - DNP on Thursday but FP on Friday - OT James Hurst and OT Ronnie Stanley both OUT for Sunday
WR - Stefon Diggs - MIN home vs. Lions - DNP all week - rib injury
WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster - PIT at Steelers - Road Ben a concern
WR - Kenny Golladay - DET at Vikings
WR - DJ Moore - CAR home vs. Buccs - Torrey Smith out Sunday

Originally was thinking Kamara, Chubb, Diggs, Smith-Schuster and Golladay, but now thinking Latavius should replace either Diggs or JuJu

Leave a link and thanks!

Kamara, Chubb, JuJu, Golladay are the 4 starters, then probably Murray. However, if you want the upside play, definitely go D.J. Moore over Murray. I have a hunch  Moore is gonna kill it this week with that juicy matchup against TB.

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Kamara / Chubb / Juju / Moore / Golladay / Diggs. 

Diggs plays terrible everytime he's listed on the injury report. 

Moore / Golladay Are realy close. 


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