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PPR Need 2 out the 5 (1 Viewer)


PPR Need a WR Spot And Flex Spot out of these 5 players

flowers vs MIA
wilson @ CLE
chandler vs GB
collins vs TEN
goedert vs ARZ (hurts is my QB)

thanks for the help!!!
Here is how I see it:
  • Flowers: Coming on and Bal must win. Although he does risk a low floor.
  • Wilson: A stay away if I have better options. Really low floor with a mid ceiling
  • Chandler: Taken over the job. But Minny may not be able to run and with the injuries just don't know which Vikes show up
  • Collins: He is in if Stroud plays
  • Goedert: If you are an underdog he is likely one of my picks because of the stack.
If you need ceiling and Stroud plays I would go with Collins and Goedert. If you need floor as a heavy favorite I likely go Flowers (because you have to pick a WR) and either Chandler or Goedert.
High floor Collins,if C.J. plays up his ceiling
High ceiling Flowers
I like Collins for your wr
Flowers for your flex

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