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PPR RB - Pick 2 - Collins, Ekeler, Smallwood, Chubb WHIR (1 Viewer)


I got Kamara on Bye and Fournette in my IR spot, so kinda thin this week. Please pick 2 starters in a PPR league

Alex Collins - Baltimore at Tennessee
Austin Ekeler - LA Chargers at Cleveland
Wendell Smallwood - Philadelphia at NY Giants
Nick Chubb - Cleveland home vs. LA Chargers

Leave a link and thanks!

I would go with Ekeler & Smallwood.

Ekeler continues to strive even with Melvin Gordon as their starting RB since he benefits as a receiving back & he's receiving TD's - 3 out of 5 weeks (even better). So no doubt he'll continue this against Cleveland.
Smallwood seems to be the starting RB in the heavily hit Philly RB committee, so he's bound to get multiple touches and seems to receive some looks down the field too which is a bonus.

Collins is, in my opinion, flat lining into the flex spot and Tennessee's defense looks like it'll keep Collins doing better. Nick Chubb I wouldn't trust even playing, that one week is basically an outlier. Carlos Hyde clearly is their back and Duke Johnson is seeing more time than Chubb is overall.

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I think Ekeler is the definite play. If the rest of your team has some risk, I think Collins has the next highest floor. If you want high upside, I’d use Smallwood instead. 

Overall I’d probably lean to Ekeler/Smallwood. 

I’d go with Ekeler and Smallwood ... I think lol. Definitely Ekeler. I’m so what on the Collins/Smallwood fence.

Thinking the Titans D is better than the Giants D. And there should be more scoring in that game as well. Sooooo ...



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