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PPR RB2 - Fournette, Collins or Burkhead? WHIR (1 Viewer)


Need to figure out what to do with my RB2 spot.  I have Collins playing Thursday night, and Fournette and Burkhead Sunday at 4 PM EDT in the same game. PPR League.

Based on reports so far I expect Fournette to be a Game Time Decision.  So do I play Collins on Thursday at RB2, keeping Flex as possibility for Fournette, or do I wait and choose best option of Fournette/Burkhead on Sunday?

These are locked in for me
RB1 - Alvin Kamara
WR1 - Stefon Diggs
WR2 - JuJu Smith-Schuster

Flex - TBD

Other flex options would be Corey Davis or Kenny Stills.

Leave a link and thanks!

So now I've got more injury concerns

Rex Burkhead - DNP Wed - Concussion (Sony Michel was Limited Wed)

Leonard Fournette - DNP Wed - Hamstring

Assuming both are DNP on Thursday - should I roll with Collins?  At least I know he'll play on Thursday.

Yeah, Burkhead is in concussion protocol. That's a tough one w/ Thursday night game and I'm going to assume Yeldon isn't available on waivers. I'd play it safe and go with Collins. AT least the 3-person time share is now a 2-person timeshare with Kenneth Dixon on IR for the season. At least there's a safe floor with Collins. You just hope he doesn't fumble away another opportunity.


Play Collins for sure. 

Health is an issue for a lot of these guys,so Sunday i'd rank the flex options as: Fournette, Burkhead, davis, Stills, which could possibly end up with Stills being your guy.


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