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PPR SuperFlex Trade - Jared Goff for Bell (1 Viewer)


Hello All,

This is my first post here so I apologize in advance if my formatting is off!

Trade: Jared Goff and Rams D for L. Bell

League Information:

12 Team Keeper Auction League - PPR - Start 1QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1TE - 1Flex (RB/WR/TE) and 1 SuperFlex - Kicker/Defense

My Roster: 

QB - P. Mahomes - P. Rivers - J. Goff (Thanks Matt Waldman)

RB - D. Freeman, L. Miller, K. Drake, R. Freeman, Jamaal Williams, Corey Grant

WR - B. Cooks, Marvin Jones, C.Hogan, Tyler Boyd, M. Goodwin

TE: J. Reed

D: Rams

K: S. Gost

I'm currently 3-0 and the only undefeated team in the league. 6 teams make the playoffs. 

My Thoughts:

I feel the need to move Goff or Rivers based on my weakness at RB and WR, and was planning on doing so before Thursday. I feel I have a stronger need at WR than at RB, since I can afford to wait for D. Freeman to return after my 3-0 start. I know trade offers with Bell are difficult to judge, and I am having a tough time doing so. On one hand, Bell's upside is league winning if he gets traded and returns soon, and even if he doesnt, I could make the playoffs and potentially benefit from having him for those weeks. 

For me, the question is more so if Bell is better than another offer I could receive. The league is rather trade friendly, and after the auction draft went oddly for a couple owners, QBs have decent trade value. Another offer I could explore is Goff for Ingram and D. Funchess, or some other combination or a RB and WR. 

I am leaning towards declining the offer, and attempting to secure a different deal that moves Goff and one of my underperforming RBs or WRs for a higher end WR2 and a RB2. 

Am I crazy to decline this? 


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