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PPR Trade: Monty/DWill/DJ for Kamara/Kittle (1 Viewer)


14-team, PPR, 3 bench, 2RB/2WR/TE/FLEX starting league. Currently 1-4 record, but 2nd overall points scored. Guy offered me Kamara/Kittle for DJ Moore/DMonty/DWill. Below is my roster right now. I have the WR depth to make the upgrade to Kamara, but am I losing too much giving up DJ? Do I make this trade since I need the help NOW, or since I have some bad beats with a solid team, keep what I have and push through? I will pick up Mooney as a backup WR and probably Collins or another low-end RB as a third RB bench.

QB: Lamar

RB: DMonty, Mixon, DWilliams, Perine

WR: DJ, Cooper, Higgins, CDavis

TE: Higbee

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I would stay put.  If you are second in points, scoring isn't your problem it's schedule luck.  I see too many teams force moves because they are losing without realizing that the problem is bad schedule luck and they are scoring just fine.  


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