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Predictors of Success: 2008 Fantasy QBs (1 Viewer)


In two leagues, I drafted: Brady/Campbell, Hasselback/Delhomme. I am not starting any of those QBs anymore. This was easily the worst year for my QB drafting.

So, what are some things we KNEW at the beginning of the season about QBs that did well/poorly in Fantasy?

How could we have predicted success or failure, more or less for studs, busts, and 'meh' plays?

Brady- Injury

Campbell (meh): learning new system, although one he had experienced in college; many WRs, although either rookies or on the backside of their careers (and the incredibly inconsistent Santana Moss), run first team?

Hasselback (bust): no running game/balance; lost key lineman in last couple of years; aging line; WR corps decimated; quietly had an injury before the season began;

Delhomme (meh): run-first team with good DEF that keeps them in games; something else seems wrong...maybe needs more time since the surgery?

Rodgers (stud): seems to have all the tools; experience running the offense; running game sputtered early; great supporting cast of WRs

Cutler (stud): unsteady run game; porous DEF; success of ERoyal; good supporting cast of Marshall, Sheffler, Stokely.

Brees (stud): has all the tools, all the weapons; WR/RB depth managed to mitigate supporting cast injuries to Bush/Colston;

Favre (meh):

C.Palmer (bust): Injury, no running game, horrible line

Warner (stud): won the job in the preseason (before most drafts), but most believed he would be hurt or lose the job to Leinhart within a few games? Wisenhunt working to rebuild the line and bolster the DEF; definitely has the tools; pass-first team, although the coaching suggests they were trying to become more run-friendly? The kicker with Warner is that he probably was taken very late in drafts. Low risk, high reward in hindsight.

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