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Premium Flexibility Looking for 3 for Dispersal Draft (SF, TEP, $50 on MFL) (1 Viewer)



We are looking for 3 replacement owners in Premium Flexibility, a SF/TEP league. The three teams will draft their teams in a dispersal draft which will also include rookie picks. Links and team roster below.

Top Assets:
QB - J. Herbert, J. Fields, T. Tagovailoa, Z. Wilson
RB - J. Taylor, N. Chubb, JK Dobbins, T. Etienne, N. Harris
WR - C. Lamb, S. Diggs, DJ Moore, E. Moore, T. Higgins, C. Kupp, D. Smith
TE - M. Gesicki, C. Kmet, J. Smith, Z. Ertz
Rookie Picks: 1.01, 1.07, 1.09, 1.11, 2.06, 2.07, 2.11 etc.

And those are just the top assets.

League Home


Full Dispersal Assets

Email tjrf88@gmail.com with Premium Flexibility in the subject line for additional questions or to apply for the team. Please include a brief summary of your dynasty/fantasy experience.


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