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Preseason 2022-Week 3 BUF/CAR, SEA/DAL, LAC/NO and Belichick/McDaniels (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Should have started this last night, we need to keep track of things like injuries and any observations folks want to chime in with. We. have 4 more games tonight and several more tomorrow plus a Sunday game I saw.

Players flying up draft boards and sliding down others.

Shouldn't be a lot of primetime players this weekend taking part but some of the rookies and skill players trying to make the roster and also the threat of players cut on one team that could be picked up and slide your high volume guy into more of a time share.

What would happen if the Houston Texans decided to trade for Kareem Hunt for whatever reason? That would seriously harpoon all this Dameon Pierce hype. That's not likely to happen of course but things could get a little shaky with cut day looming and certain players still demanding trades.

Are there any specific players you will be trying to watch tonight?

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