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against the grain

Holmes may consider retirement

While family and friends say they are unsure whether Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes will retire, they acknowledge his actions of late aren't in keeping with what he usually does to prepare for the season.

"He hasn't been carrying on as if he was going to play," Holmes' stepfather, Herman Morris, said. "Normally, he would be in the gym working out and have a routine going on. Right now, he seems to be laid back and relaxed and not wanting to think about it." ...........................

................ "He always did his own thing before he came to me in March or April," McClinton said. "He always told me he would rather go get his body and mind right before he sees me because my workouts are so intense."

But instead of lifting weights and running sprints, Holmes has spent much of the offseason "taking care of other priorities," Morris said.

"He's spending a lot of time with his four kids," Morris said.
His "injury" or "condition" hadn't progressed as hoped, if I'm remembering correctly, he went to see another specialist about it, and is waiting for the report. So I don't believe he's cleared to play.

Since then, the former Marshall High standout and University of Texas alumnus has undergone several examinations to determine if he is neurologically fit to play a ninth NFL season. Last week, he met with physician Robert Watkins, a Los Angeles-based spine surgeon.A spokesperson for Holmes' agent, Todd France, said Monday that France and the Chiefs are awaiting a report from Watkins.

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