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Prior stats or tackle opportunities? (new IDP-er here) (1 Viewer)


First time IDP player :shrug: , and we are pretty simple in only starting 1 IDP from any position. Our scoring system seems to benefit the high-tackle Inside LBs (see below), so I've been focused there. Drafted Keuchly from cheat sheets and just plugged him in without much thought. So now we hit the CAR bye week, and I have to give some thought to a 1-week filler.

(Trying not to make this a WDIS, cuz my question is really more about your experience)

I've read a ton of great info around here today, and have learned there is significant importance on tackle opps. This totally makes sense, as in playing against DEN or PHL should yield many chances to tackle. As does competition for tackles - like the 49er LBs. So I get that. I also get the obvious notion about prior stats indicating who the talented guys are.

So where's the rub? Which do you prefer in a week (like week 4) where there are several good matchups to choose from. Do you:

A. Go for the proven commodity, like Bowman v. STL since Willis is likely out? Or maybe Dansby v TB? Not great matchups, but great players.


B. Go for the sweet matchup, like Woodyard v. PHL where the Eagles tend to offer up 60+ tackle opps? Or maybe Alonso v BAL; or Cushing v SEA? New/inconsistent players with really tempting matchups.

Scoring system:

Solos 2pts

Asst 1

Sack, TFL 3

Int, FF, FR 3

Pass Def 2

I think this is just pretty similar to the questions you face on the more traditional offensive side of fantasy -- do you always start your studs?

given your examples, and as a woodyard owner, I would not hesitate to start him because he's a situation where proven production meets opportunity, but I'm not in a start 1 player league.

as to the more general question, I might not always blindly start my studs, but I think I favor the studs vs the chumps with good opps in most cases.

for example, I thought wagner (stud) had a pretty poor match up against jax this past week, but started him anyway -- he had a good game for me on very limited snaps.

which is how you get stud status.

of course, in a start 1 player league all this stuff probably goes out the window.


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