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Projected to lose by 35! Trade? (1 Viewer)

Here's Johnny

12 team ppr

These projections on CBS are wrong a lot and I am hoping they are this week, but unfortunately probably not.

I am 3-2

Current roster:

RB's                                                           WRs

Kamara, HOward, Jones, Chubb            AJ, Tate, Godwin, Mike Williams, Corey Davis

I want to offer Howard and Godwin for Mixon to the guy who is 0-5.  His best wr is Cooper.


I'd be surprised if they accepted it, but definitely worth a shot. I'd take that trade in a heartbeat from your side.

Really seems like trading for tradings sake. You don't really upgrade your RB position much and you also lose a WR. Drop Chubb for a waiver wire RB is the better move IMHO.


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