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Propose trade or no? (1 Viewer)


I would like to upgrade my WR strength.  A team that is 1-8 has Julio, OBJ and A. Jeffery and is light on RBs.  We start 2 WR and 2 RB.  My RBs are Gurley, McCaffrey, Crowell and Drake.  Other than Gurleys bye coming up I am always starting the first two and planned on using Drake in Gurleys bye week.  I am thinking of offering Crowell for one of his WRs.  I was thinking Jeffery would be about same value as Crowell but wanted to throw it out there to see what others thought.

My WRs now are Cooks, Golladay, A. Cooper and Goodwin.  I see Jeffery as an upgrade ROS especially given the upcoming schedule and also an upgrade when Cooks in on bye wk 12.  Was hoping Golladay was going to be a stud after Tate trade but seems that may not happen.

Should I offer up this trade?

Send me link to your question and I'll take a look.


You can offer up the trade but I doubt is accepted.  I would guess most people are thinking McGuire will eat into Crowell's workload and diminish his value.  I don't think I would accept Crowell to give up Jeffery but it doesn't hurt to try.


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