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Props to EOTG (1 Viewer)

Big Log

I enjoy all the IDP content each week from FBG but really look forward to John Norton's "EOTG". I didn't have a chance to read last week's but am catching up now and it's little things like the following that make me really appreciate his articles.

Owner in tackle required leagues should take notice that Fred Robbins has been very hot. He followed a strong 4-0 in week on with a career best 4-0-2 against the Rams. As mentioned previously, the upcoming match ups are good for linemen.
Unfortunately, I don't own him in my DT start leagues but I am sure the owner who does was very thrilled with his 3-0-2 performance along with a PD.
Terrence McGee has become an every week must start for owners in corner required leagues but you may want to park him this week against a Raiders team that doesn't pass. Like Buffalo, the Chiefs play a lot of cover 2 yet their top tackling corner (Brandon Flowers) managed only 3-0. In week one Dre' Bly was the most productive corner for Denver at only 2-1.
As most of us have seen, week #3 was not a good one for McGee as he managed only one solo tackle.They may appear to be small things but these two stuck out to me.
John gets no love from those that don't notice the very small differences between the raw fantasy points on his "cheatsheets". But his weekly system and effort in doing those projections allow him to regularly notice these little lineup nuggets much more often than the rest of us that don't go through the same process.



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