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QB fill-ins [DYNASTY] value (1 Viewer)

Charlie Frye

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Some of may be looking to acquire a cheap fill-in type QB either due to injuries or other issues.

Of the older QBs (I realize Frye isn't "old" but he plays like it :popcorn: ) which would you want, and what are they worth?

IMO, I'd probably rank them:

Johnson - TO, Roy, Witten - at least he has guys to throw to

Collins - he's been steady, but not great (good?)

Frerotte - decent offense, RB to carry the load

Frye - who's he throwing to this week?

Any trades go through for any of these guys in your DYNASTY leagues?

Feel free to comment on redraft, but this is meant to be dynasty oriented.

Johnson is VERY old, and really isn't worth anything in dynasty unless someone is desperate - at htat point, you might get a very late pick for him.

Frye should be out of the NFL next year - he's looked good in pre-season, but can't play in the regular season. He's wortha free roster spot you get nby cutting him.

Collins & Frerotte are probably starting the rest of the year, and have a chance to hold these jobs for next season - I think they are worth something.


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