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QBs in SuperFlex dynasty (1 Viewer)

Big Nate

I have a general question for people who play in SuperFlex dynasty leagues and their thoughts on acquiring/holding QBs, specifically if they feel they are contending or ready to make a push for the playoffs.

How many QBs do you like to carry or are comfortable carrying? Do you try to ensure you have 3 starting QBs? I'll leave out the quality of the QB (elite, QB1, QB2, below avg starter etc.) and just assume they are startable and can give you a decent production week in and week out. Someone you could at least start in your SF spot as a starting QB.

Do you try to ensure you have 3 starting caliber QBs? When would you vary from that? Who likes to have 4? Are you find with only 2 and deal with injuries/byes as they come up?

When would you sell that 3rd QB, if ever? What if someone came with a big offer for your third QB - do you automatically take the value and deal with your back-up QB later or if you need one? Even if you are a top team in the league?

Obviously every league is different. Some teams maybe rebuilding or "tanking" and they might not have 2 or 3 starting QBs. But, if every team tried to have 3 starting QBs that is 36 in a 12 team league and obviously there aren't 36 NFL teams. This is why the QB position is so important and can provide a good haul/overpay when trading away a QB.

That is a lot to unpack but in general what is your position on how many starting QBs you like to roster? Bonus question - how many horde QBs and how many back-ups do you try to carry?
Big Question!!
Obviously league dependent and competitive status for some of it
Only recently started SF (2 QB) 12 team PPR TE-P league
I plan to hold 4. Required to have 2 competent starters.
I went reasonably young QB for 2 primary starters and felt picking rookie QB for #3 was good value plus I plan to pick up a FA QB that has upside
Starters: TLaw & JLove
Rookie: Drake Maye
FA Targets:
Spencer Rattler NOS - possible future starter 2025
Jordan Travis NYJ - injured last year but could be in the mix 2025 as starter
Any QB who has older/injured starter ahead on depth chart is worth considering
This is so league dependent and is based on many things. The biggesr factor to me is scoring. If there are 15 QB's in the top 20 scorers for the league then I am trying to get as many QB's as possible because you have to play 2 QB's. If the scoring is even across positions then it's not as important to have multiple QB's so it reverts to value and how your league treats QB's. More often then not people hear "SF" and they immediately jack QB's up the draft boards. But if the scoring doesn't warrant this you can gain an advantage by expoiting the imbalance between the perceived value and actual value.

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