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Quentin Johnston- College WR, TCU (1 Viewer)


Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU- 6'-4", 212 (shown as low as 193 some places but he looks more like the 212 listed in others)

2020- 8 games 22 for 487 yds and 2 TDs (two rushing TDs there too)

2021- 8 games 33 634 yds and 6 TDs





It'll be interesting to see if his 22 stats match the devy community's enthusiasm/ his potential.



My shotgun take on him while reviewing highlights for my dev draft was that he's reminiscent of past top 50 picks like Sidney Rice and Justin Hunter. That's sort of a backhanded compliment because those two guys went very high in the NFL draft, but also basically flopped as pros. Hunter had some very compelling athletic traits and was a straight-line monster with stride length and leaping ability that put any corner to shame. He was an elite level track athlete in the jumps. On the football field he had a long frame and could really get vertical.

I think part of Hunter's issue (apart from being thin with a lack of bulk) was that his long stride length made it difficult for him to operate in tight windows. He had great vertical speed, but was a lot less adept at generating separation on the full route tree than he was at just running in a straight line. That can be a problem in the NFL. I tend to gravitate towards WRs who have great quickness out of their route breaks because I think that's one of the most vital qualities for the position. If a player lacks that quality, it may not matter how fast he is vertically because he'll be too limited to stay on the field.

That would be my fear with Johnson. He's athletic, but he plays the game in big windows, whereas a lot of the NFL is about what happens in the phone booth. I'll go back and look at him again after the actual NFL draft, but my initial instinct was that he may be overdrafted based on athletic traits that he might not be able to access consistently in a way that creates production. The negative comparisons would be people like Hunter, Rice, Robert Meachem, and Hakeem Butler. The positive comparisons would be people like Calvin, DK, and Gordon. It's not impossible for a tall WR with a long stride to hit in a big way, but there's a strong bust potential here IMO.

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