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Happy August!!!

Time to provide the invite to the Quest For Survival NFL Survivor Pool!

Pool has been in existence 10+ years. Usually get a minimum of 60-75 participants per year, but we welcome more!

Entry fee for the pool is 25 "units". The owner who has successfully achieved the Quest for Survival (hence, the last one standing), will receive the total of all entry "units" less 20 "units" to be delivered to the website provider.

If everyone is knocked out early enough, we will pole everyone to see if we will re-start up again during the season.

Deadline for entry fee is 5pm (Eastern) 9/7/22 (1st Kickoff is 9/8/22). My address is 534 Sperry Blvd. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 for snail mail. For Paypal, use hjltax_at_aol.com (replacing "_at_" with "@"). Send as a gift and don't mention Pool, etc. in the payment. You can also VENMO me. Use @Howard-Leeds. Let me know your Pool Host nickname for the pool w/ the payment.

PM me for info and/or INVITE

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