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Quest for Survival - Pick 1 winner per week! (1 Viewer)


I've been running a Survival Pool (1 pick per week - once you lose - yer out!) for the last few years. 40 35 Participants last year.

Pool Rules (using Poolhost.com)

Number of games per week required to pick: 1

Game Style
Suicide/Survivor Style - One loss (or tie) and you're knocked out! You CANNOT pick the same team twice. This game lasts until the end of the regular season - or until there is a sole survivor. If a sole survivor is determined early enough (per discussion) in the NFL season, pool entrants will be asked if they want to start fresh with another entrance fee and start up the pool again.

Point spreads are NOT used scoring picks. All picks should just be the game winners by the final score

Pick Deadline
The pick deadline is Sunday at 12 Noon (Eastern). For selecting games earlier in the week, you must select that game prior to the scheduled kickoff of that game.

Entry fee for the pool is 25 "units". The owner who has successfully achieved the Quest for Survival (hence, the last one standing), will receive the total of all entry "units" less 20 "units" to be delivered to the website provider.

Last year's 2013 Pool - 40players x 25 units = 1,000 total less 20 to the site provider.
2012 Pool - 35players x 25 units = 875 total less approx 20 (don't remember) to site provider.

If everyone is knocked out early enough, we will poll everyone to see if we will re-start up again during the season.

Deadline for entry fee is 5pm 9/2/14 (1st Kickoff is 9/4/14). My address if 534 Sperry Blvd. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 for snail mail. For Paypal, use hjltax_at_aol.com (replacing "_at_" with "@"). Send as a gift and don't mention Pool, etc. in the payment. Let me know your nickname for the pool w/ the payment.

So - pm me if you're interested and give me your e-mail and I'll send an invite.

Good Luck all,

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