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Question about estates, wills and trusts when there are step siblings involved (1 Viewer)


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My Dad's health has seriously declined over the past year due to complications of congestive heart failure, among other things.  He desires to revisit his will to make sure my sister and I receive some type of inheritance upon his passing.  He is thinking of a trust. But he's not sure how to set it up.

Right now the way he has things, he has a will, and everything basically would go to my step Mom.  From what I've gather in talking to him, my Dad has no life insurance.  My Step Mom has about $50k from a whole life policy, in which her 3 kids are the beneficiaries. In combined assets they have about $400k, which includes a condo and liquid assets (savings, stocks, etc.). He would like to set it up so that my sister and I would receive some form of inheritance, but he's unsure how to do this. He's definitely speaking to an estate attorney.

Just wondering if anyone on here has ever dealt with an estate that included step-siblings, and how it was handled.


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